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September 2007

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  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 1031-6 are expected to arrive during October for entry into service in early November, and will wear a leafy green livery with a yellow front. 731-7 have been sold to Ensign (dealer) and will depart upon arrival of the new Solars. Meanwhile 841-61 have been delayed until January 2008 with the associated service changes rescheduled for 11th February. 511/20 were withdrawn on 20th and 513 was the last on 24th. 607 was in service by 21st September. 631/2 did not go on loan to Newbury as previously reported, but 630 remains on loan there. OmniLink demonstrator 600 moved from Reading to Newbury on 27th. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Reading Transport Optare Deltas: 511/13/15/20 departed for Hull docks on 25th to travel onboard the mv Tikeibank on 27th. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Reading Transport East Lancs Kinetec Plus: 501 was displayed at the Neoman launch of the new MAN A22 / Wright Meridan at Millbrook Proving Ground on 26th. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 41165/6 have been transferred to First Hampshire. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.





  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 607 was in service today, whilst 608 may have been in service on 14th as well as 15th. Also new at Newbury is a Ford Transit service van WL03 JZN which has been named Thunderbird 1.
  • Reading Area Bus Routes: August changes to Reading football services and Newbury school services added
  • Reading Bus Fares: FastTrack (Loddon Bridge) and DayTrack / FastTrack (Madejski Stadium) Fastsavers were separated from 10th September
  • Oxford Area Bus Routes: Service changes from 2nd September, 15th September and 1st October added


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 609 is confirmed as AE06 ZBT from Cavalier Travel, and was in service today. Thanks to James Cusworth for this. 121, 475 and possibly a second Trdient are at North West Bus and Coach for repaint. 121 was dropped off when the two latest Darts were collected. Thanks to Mac Head and Alistair Liddle for this.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 64795 and 64797 have also been converted into training vehicles. Thanks to Mac Head for this. 64796/8 should also now have been dispatched for conversion to complete the batch. The conversions are being done at Hants and Dorset. Thanks to Keith Nason for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire Fleet List: New arrivals in reserve at Leamington are Dennis Tridents 17054, 17059 and 17076 from Cambridge. They will go for centre door conversion and repaint before entering service at Stratford. Also 52358 has arrived from Stagecoach Bluebird for conversion into a training vehicle. 16538 has now entered service at Stratford and 20224 has transferred to Stratford following a short period in reserve at Leamington. 20225 has returned to service at Rugby after a period in reserve there. 31352 has returned to service at Nuneaton. 31325/6 have received new route branding for Rugby route 3, along with two of the Pointer Darts. Rugby 40155/6 have been withdrawn, and are in store at Leamington pending disposal.





  • Reading Transport Fleet List: The first of the three new Darts to arrive is 608 AE06 ZBR from Cavalier, Long Sutton with 609 potentially being its sister AE06 ZBT (but not confirmed). 515 was withdrawn on 10th. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: The first of the latest Darts arrived on 10th. The Deltas are likely to stay for a further week as they cannot sail on the boat departing on 17th, although 515 is currently off the road with a defect and may not return to service. 630 went on loan to Newbury on 11th, with 631/2 expected to follow shortly. They are to act as strategic spares during the Newbury show this weekend in case of breakdowns or severe delays. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 511/13/15/20 are to be withdrawn by 13th and driven to Portsmouth on 14th for shipment to New Zealand on 17th. Three further second hand Dart SLFs have been acquired and are away for repaint. The first one was expected to arrive in Newbury on 7th.
  • Reading Transport MegaRears: 723 has a new MegaRear for Kenmore Homes. Thanks to James Cusworth for this.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: The transfer date of 43834 from Slough to Bracknell is corrected from 17th August to 16th. Thanks to Mat Wooll for this.







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