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A MegaRear is an advertising livery that covers the whole of the back of a bus, often with contravision parts over the windows. In the past these adverts have also been called SuperRears.

Current MegaRears: All

Previous MegaRears: | Excels 917-24 | Excels 925-31 | Excels 932-45 |

By contrast to a MegaRear:

  • A MegaPanel is a large square advertisement roughly the same size as a MegaRear, but applied to the side of a bus. Conventionally the advert is placed centrally, covers the whole height of the bus and contravision is used at window height to allow passengers to see out.
  • A MegaSide is an advertisement that covers one whole side of the bus including contravision parts for the windows
  • A ColourBus is a whole advertisement livery that covers most of the bus, it is often painted on, and may or may not involve putting contravision over the windows.

[The definitions of a MegaSide and MegaPanel above are not definitive, but have been adopted by this site until a specific definition becomes widely used by everyone.]

Current MegaRears

Alexander Dennis Enviro400H 208: Pack Send
Applied May 2015

208 on 26 May 2015

Alexander Dennis Enviro400H 220: Ebay
Applied September 2015

220 on 16 November 2016

Alexander Dennis Enviro400H 231: Ebay
Applied September 2015

231 on 31 October 2015

Alexander Dennis Enviro 300SG 415: Swansea University
Applied April 2016

415 on 2 July 2016

Scania ND230 / East Lancs Olympus 844: Just Tiles

Applied October 2015

844 on 31 October 2015

Scania ND230 / East Lancs Olympus 857: Just Tiles

Applied March 2014

857 on 9 March 2014

Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 1206: Just Tiles
Applied October 2015

1206 on 31 October 2015

Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 1207: University of West London
Applied January 2015

1207 on 24 January 2015

Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 1211: Just Tiles
Applied January 2016

1211 on 9 January 2016

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