Leyland Tiger / Plaxton Paramount

Reading operated 10 Paramounts, all based on Leyland Tiger chassis. 201-4, 764 were Paramount 3200 Is and 751, 756, 758 were Paramount 3500s. Details of these can be found on the former vehicle fleet list.

The last two with the company were 261 and 262 with Paramount 3200 III bodywork. They both operated Reading's London Line services until they and the routes were withdrawn in May 2000. In around September 1999, less than a year before their withdrawal, they were repainted into blue and cream Goldline livery, but 262 below shows the special London Line livery they spent a large proportion of lives in.

262 in August 1999 (14912 bytes)

751, 756 and 758 were new to Alder Valley, passing to Bee Line and then Reading Transport in 1993. From Reading Transport 758 passed to Bennetts, then Heyfordian and finally Hafan Coaches by early May 2005. During this time it was also re-registered TJI 6302.

201/2/4 were sold to Pulham, Bourton on the Water in January 1992 (201) and October 1991 (202/3) where they were re-seated C53F. From there 201 passed to Tees & District as their 1341 in April 1993, 202 to United Auto as their 1339 in March 1993, later Tees & District as their 1339 in October 1995 and later Arriva Tees & District as their 1339 in May 1998, and 204 to United Auto as their 1340 in March 1993, Tees & District as their 1340 in October 1995, later Arriva Tees & District as their 1340 in May 1998. They all passed to Gardiner, Spennymoor in February (201) and November 1998 (202/4 respectively).

201 then passed to Smith, Ashington in May 1998 where it was re-registered IUI 9031 in July. From there it passed to Shephardson, Barton on Humber in April 2001, Johnson, Goxhill in August 2006 and finally Wigley, Carlton (delaer) for scrap in February 2008.

202 then passed to K&J Travel, Newton Aycliffe in November 1998 where it was re-registered BKZ 2460 in April 1999. It then passed to Foster, Redmire in approx January 2003, followed by an unknown operated in Skelton in March 2007.

204 had passed to Almar Travel, Chester-le-Street by September 2009, then to an unknown Irish operator in August 2000 where it was registered 83-WX-910, and finally another unknown operator in Portlaoise by September 2005.

203 was acquired for preservation in March 2007, having passed to Plaxton, Anston in February 1991, then to Smith & Brittain, Amble by March 1992, NDY, Quarrington Hill (DM) in March 1992 where it was re-registered EDZ215 in April 1992, then it passed to Hunter, Seaton Delaval as their 92 in July 1992 where it was reseated to C53F. From there it passed to Curtis, Newcastle upon Tyne as their 92 in July 1994. From there it passed to Northumbria in February 1995 as their 92 where it was initially based at Alnwick and then at Hexham in August 1996 where it was renumbered 250. From there it went to Arriva Northumbria in April 1998 as their 250, followed by Arriva Fox County as their 3023 in October 2000 where it was withdrawn in June 2001 and passed to Dunstan (Bluebird), Middleton (GM) in January 2002 where it entered service in July 2002 as their 75. It then passed to K Matt Coaches, Failsworth in April 2003, Newall, Failsworth in March 2005, Jakeman, Oldham in December 2006 and finally to preservation in March 2007. It was reregistered back to RMO 203Y in July 2007.

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