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August 2007

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  • First Berkshire Fleet List: The transfer date for 43834 to Bracknell was 17th, meanwhile 46919 was withdrawn from Bracknell on 21st. Thanks to Mat Wooll for this.


  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 42342 and 42344 have received new MegaRears for Slough Observatory/Queensmere. Thanks to Stephen Le Bras for this.


  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire Fleet List: 13644/47/50/51 have been transferred to Stagecoach Western following the end of The Green Bus contract. 16534 has gone away for open top conversion, whilst 16538 has returned from conversion. 20221 is in reserve at Leamington, whilst 20208 is temporarily in use at Leamington on driver training duties. Nuneaton 31357 has returned from body modifications with 31352 now away. 22209 lost its MegaRear for Sobell Lottery several months ago.


  • News Page: Latest Vehicles in Service with photos of 501 and 606 by Mark Lyons and 606 by Stuart Curwen.
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: The fleet numbers for 605 and 606 have been swapped so that 605 is HKA and 606 is HKB. 606 returned from repaint on 3rd and entered service on 14th. 519 was withdrawn on 3rd, 518 on 10th and 517 on 15th. 512 was expected to be withdrawn on 16th or 17th. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Reading Transport MegaSides: 455 lost its MegaSide for the Oracle (Winter Fashion & Taste) at the end of July. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Reading Transport Dart SLFs: 606 returned from repaint at Caetano on 14th, and 605 on 15th. 602 went to the painters on 3rd. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Reading Transport Optare Deltas: 512/16/17/18/19 are intended to sail from Portsmouth to New Zealand on 20th onboard mv Buzzard Bay. Two were expected to be delivered from Newbury to Portsmouth on 16th and three on 17th. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Reading Transport: New link to photo of former 83 added. Thanks to Simon for this.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 43834 arrived at Bracknell from Slough by 18th August. Thanks to Mat Wooll for this.



  • Oxford Bus Company Fleet List: 81/82/87-90 have been reregistered A/B/G/H/J/KB07 OXF, and 83 CF07 OXF completing the batch. 402 has been reregistered R402 FFC. The Dennis Tridents from Go North East have now arrived, and are 902/3/5-9 R2/3/5-9 OXF (previously NK51 UCH/J/M/V/W/X/Y). 905 entered service last month whilst the rest will enter service this month. 10 transferred to Go South Coast and 601/5 to Go West Midlands in July, whilst 607-11/13 are transferring to Go West Midlands this month. In June 825 was written off following fire damage, and new were Vauxhall Combis 986/7 GP07 SXB/K for the ancillary fleet replacing 984/5 which transferred to Go West Midlands. Coach 16 is to be converted into training vehicle 961 instead of 17.


  • Thames Travel Fleet List: 256 has been repainted into Save Fuel livery. 205, 256 and 356 have been fitted with air conditioning in the last 2-3 months.




  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 41165-8 were withdrawn on 21st June, along with 46920 and 64819 sometime during July. 64031 entered service on 3rd July. 23013 has gone for repaint into Greenline livery, presumably meaning that 20601-3 are replacing 23013-5 on RailAir. 20601-3 are officially recorded as entering service on 25th July, not 26th. Thanks to Matt Wooll for this.

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