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September 2007

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Rail Replacement


Several operators supplied vehicles today for rail replacement services between Reading and Newbury/Bedwyn, Basingstoke, Swindon and Pewsey. Strong sunlight made photography difficult, but there were a few interesting vehicles worth including:

YJ57 BTO on 15 September 2007

Mortons provided this very unusual brand new Temsa Opalin YJ57 BTO.

JWV 275W on 15 September 2007

Mortons also had Bristol VR JWV 275W on standby. Their new Temsa Safari HD YJ57 BTF is behind.

YN55 PYY on 15 September 2007

Weavaway Scania / Irizar YN55 PYY. The livery is described as electric blue, but it wasn't far away from sky blue today!

Preparations for November


The next round of premier route conversions is set to take place in November with the arrival of the order for 21 Scania / East Lancs Olympuses. However, following the arrival of 501, route 9 branded 1020 has been repainted into maroon ready for use on the revised 12/20. Rumours are already circulating about the service changes, and that some routes may be renumbered. The fact that the full route branding hasn't been applied yet would appear to confirm this.

1020 on 8 September 2007

1020 looked very smart indeed as it arrived at the station on the 137 this evening. Sadly this was its last trip of the day, so it wasn't possible to get a better shot.

Meanwhile the Scania OmniLink demonstrator 600 (YN07 LHO) has recently switched from Thames Valley Park duties to normal town work. Apparently the vehicle has been having difficulties with the speed humps in the park, so town vehicles are now covering on TVP until the warranty work on the OmniCity vehicles has been completed.

600 on 8 September 2007

600 on route 5 today.

Scanias Transfer to Greenline


Following the delivery of First's three new Volvos for the RailAir service, the first of the three displaced Scanias entered service on Greenline route 702 today. 23013 is thought to have operated the 0710 from Bracknell to London, the 1010 return, the 1300 to London and the 1510 return.

23013 on 5 Septmebr 2007

23013 posing for a photo in the latest style of the Greenline livery which was designed by Ray Stenning's Best Impressions design agency. Thanks to Mat Wooll for this photo.

23013 on 5 September 2007

The rear profile of 23013 and the "one's best route to Windsor" slogan. One wonders whether 23008/11 will have their own unique slogans like several of Ray Stenning's other liveries. Thanks to Mat Wooll for this photo.

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