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July 2007

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  • News Page: YN07 LHO entered service on 19th July, and is on loan to cover for 1-12 whilst each go away for warranty work. Therefore once 1-5 have been treated it will transfer to Newbury to cover there. It has been given temporary fleet number 600. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 514 was withdrawn on either 12th or 13th July, and went with 912-5 to New Zealand on 18th July. 516 was withdrawn on 20th July. 604 first entered service on 16th July (replacing 514), 603 on 20th (replacing 516) and 601 on 25th. 605/6 are currently away for repaint, but 605 may return this week. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Reading Transport: New link to Simon's photographs of former Olympians 11 and 12 added
  • Reading Transport Leyland Olympians: New photo of 15 with Peter Godward Coaches added. Thanks to Simon Oliver for this.


  • News Page: Scania OmniLink Demonstrator with photo. Thanks to James Cusworth for this.
  • Reading Transport: New link to Andrew Millward's Photo Gallery added
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: Scania OmniLink demonstrator YN07 LHO has been in use since at least 19th. 935 was in use on ordinary town services yesterday, as well as 931. Thanks to James Cusworth for this.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 912-15 departed for New Zealand on 18th. Thanks to Mac Head for this. 601 was in service today. Thanks to James Cusworth for this. 931 is probably now in use on ordinary town services.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 20601-3 entered service today. Thanks to John Wheeler for this.







  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 840 entered service today.
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 913 was withdrawn on 12th and 912 on 13th and have had their destination glasses swapped with two FastTrack Excels. Meanwhile 932 was fitted with a cash vault on 13th so may be in service on normal Reading services on Monday 16th. 931-6 are all to transfer to ordinary Reading services shortly in base blue livery, with 912-5 to be exported to New Zealand. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 41165-8 are in reserve at Slough. 42412 has now lost its blue Legoland ColourBus livery in favour of First Corporate livery. 42414, which incorrectly displayed fleet number 42412 for a time has probably had this corrected by now. 42341 has received a new ColourBus livery for Lakes Panasonic in place of First low floor livery, presumably to replace withdrawn 46926. Thanks to Stephen Le-Bras for this.
  • Reading Area Bus Routes: Updated with initial information about changes to football services from 4th August, and other recent alterations
  • Oxford Area Bus Routes: Details of service changes since 25th January added



  • News Page: New Look for Newbury with photo of 604 in the new livery. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.




  • News Page: Olympuses Launched with photos by Stuart Curwen of 835 and 838 in service
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 835 and 838 entered service today. Thanks to Stuart Curwen for this. 839 is currently on demonstration in Ireland.


  • News Page: BTS Annual Tour with photos of former 76 and 98
  • News Page: First Berkshire MAN Panther Demonstrator with photo of WX07 OVJ
  • Reading Transport East Lancs Kinetec+: 501 was delivered on 4th
  • Oxford Bus Company Fleet List: 905 arrived from Go North East on 22nd June and awaits service. At least two Dennis Lances from Diamond are also present, including K301 YJA apparently for training duties. 84-86 have had their registrations changed from OXS back to OXF whilst others still retain their OXS marks.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire Fleet List: Nuneaton 31355 has returned to service and 20209 has been repainted, loosing its branding for the 56/57. Thanks to Keith Wood for this. 20225 now appears to be out of use at Rugby with route 86 being operated by Volvo B6s.
  • Weavaway Travel: New photo of YN07 LKK added which along with LKJ wears additional lettering to celebrate 10 years of operations


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 501 has been registered RX07 RKV, whilst 835-40 will be YN07 FLA/B/D/E/F/G. All except 839 have now been delivered, with two expected to enter service on 9th. 501 will replace 1020 which is to be branded for routes 12/20. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Reading Transport East Lancs Olympuses: Delivery dates added
  • Reading Transport Optare Deltas: Former 505 which was withdrawn from service at Ensign in May has been written off after sustaining serious rear end damage in an accident in Dartford Tunnel
  • Reading Transport Optare Spectras: Former 705 has passed from Ensign to Alder Valley Transport of Alton
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 64819 was returned to service at Bracknell on 5th April. 64032 entered service on 26th May, 64037 on 30th May, 64038 on 5th June, 64039 on 9th June, 64033/4 on 13th June and 64036 on 21st June. 41130 transferred from Slough to Bracknell on 30th May, 43833 on 18th June and 41133 on 20th June. 46918 was withdrawn on 20th June. 46924, 46928 went for scrap on 7th June, 46921 on 11th June, and also 60295 on 12th June. Thanks to Matt Wooll for this.
  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: The two new Scanias wear a reversed livery of silver with blue Weavaway logos. Thanks to James Cusworth for this.


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