Reading Transport MegaSides

A MegaSide is an advert covering the whole of one side of a bus with contravision over the windows.

This definition, and the one below for MegaPanels is not definitive, but has been adopted by this site until a specific definition becomes widely used by everyone.

By contrast:

  • A MegaPanel is a large square advertisement roughly the same size as a MegaRear, but applied to the side of a bus. Conventionally the advert is placed centrally, covers the whole height of the bus and contravision is used at window height to allow passengers to see out.
  • A MegaRear is an advertising livery that covers the whole of the back of a bus with contravision parts over the windows.
  • A ColourBus is a whole advertisement livery that covers most of the bus, it is often painted on, and may or may not involve putting contravision over the windows.

This page contains details about all of the MegaSide adverts that have been applied to Reading Buses.

Current MegaSides

  • There are no current MegaSides.
  • Former MegaSides

    Leyland Olympian 82: "XXXX"
    July 2004 until October 2004

    82 on 27 July 2004 (45985 bytes)

    Leyland Olympian 83: "XXXX"
    July 2004 until October 2004

    83 on 21 Augsut 2004 (55294 bytes)

    Leyland Olympian 84: "XXXX"
    July 2004 until November 2004

    84 on 22 July 2004 (64352 bytes)

    MCW Metrobus 455: The Oracle (Fashion & Taste)
    June 2006 until November 2006

    455 on 7 July 2006 (81652 bytes)

    Thanks to Brian Coney for this photo.

    MCW Metrobus 455: The Oracle (Winter Fashion & Taste)
    November 2006 until July 2007

    455 on 2 December 2006 (71545 bytes)

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