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July 2004

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  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 83 has a new MegaSide advert for "XXXX". 927 has now lost its Octagon Toyota MegaRear, whilst 703 lost its Finding Nemo MegaRear back in May or June.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 211 (42411) has been repainted into First livery. Thanks to James Cusworth for this. DML171 (41171) moved from Bracknell to Slough yesterday and 246 (42644) moved in the opposite direction today, going straight into service. 41175 entered service at Slough this morning. Thanks to Matthew Wooll for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire & Warwickshire Fleet List: 13618 has definitely transferred to London, and has lost its name Trinity.



  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 472 has lost its Venus Divine MegaRear in favour of the new "XXXX" advert, and 473 its British Robotics ad in favour of one for 7-Up
  • Reading Transport MegaRears: New photo of former Venus Divine rear on 472 added. Did anyone manage a photo of 475 with its Yeo Valley rear?


  • First Berkshire Fleet List: Marshall bodied Dart SLFs 41174-6 (R174-6 TLM) have transferred from London to Slough. In addition Slough's 42414 and 42643-4 are to be swapped for three Marshalls from Bracknell. 41130/3 (P130/3 NLW) are expected at Bracknell from London, which once repainted will release the other two Bracknell Marshalls for Slough too. That will give eight for Slough routes 3 and 8 from 31st July. Finally 41166-9 (R166-9 TLM) are expected at Slough in September / October for routes 41 and 43. Thanks to Mac Head, Matthew Wooll and Keith Nason for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire & Warwickshire Fleet List: 40126-8 have now been sold. The new Solos at Nuneaton have displaced 40142/43/61/65-71 which have gone into reserve. 40142/3 are however to be reinstated to Leamington from 26th, along with native Leamington 40140/63. 16438-39 have been transferred from Leamington to Fife with 16440 to follow soon. 16514/5 have now entered service in Leamington in their place, along with repaired 16599. However 16140 has gone into reserve following damage to its roof. 20804 is current away for refurbishment.







  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 116 has a new MegaRear for the Oracle (two girls) in place of its Oracle (Hand forming 'O') design. 471 is confirmed with the Gillette Venus Divine MegaRear.
  • Readers are advised that contrary to the fleet news in the August edition of Buses magazine:
    • 701-3 are not to transfer to Goldline upon arrival of the new Scania OmniDekkas
    • Only 71 has been withdrawn from the Titan fleet (not 70-6, although these shall go when the OmniDekkas arrive)
    • 77-9 are not coach seated (just refurbished bus seats). It is not yet known when (or how) these vehicles will be replaced.
    • 455 remains in service at Reading (although 455-56/58-60 will transfer to Newbury when the new OmniDekkas arrive - all five are receiving refurbishment/repaint first - 455/6/60 are currently in hybrid Newbury/Reading livery having been treated in advance of their move)
    • The statement about it having previously been expected that no further double-deckers would be sent for service at Newbury is spurious as the Mk1s would have had to have been replaced some day! The double deckers primarily stay at Newbury for use on school contracts, if these were lost then the deckers would then be in doubt.
  • Reading Transport MegaRears: New photos of the rears on 116 and 476 added
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire & Warwickshire Fleet List: 47069-77 are expected to enter service in Nuneaton on Monday. Also expected for Nuneaton are five Transbus Pointer Darts 34625-9.
  • Readers are advised that contrary to the fleet news in the August edition of Buses magazine:
    • 34625-9 are not for route 48
    • 29617 has not been acquired, only 29615 which will join the Oxford training fleet
    • All of the exWitney Olympians 16514-23/5, and remaining 16526 are to have single door conversions, some now already having been completed



  • First Berkshire Fleet List: The branding carried by 820/1/2/4 for routes 158/159 is in fact Overground branding, as used by First in other locations across the country. The colour is purple.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire & Warwickshire Fleet List: Oxford Megabus 13604 has had a toilet fitted becoming CH53/39Ft, loaned 52143 left Leamington around the time that 13625 arrived, and Leamington's roof damaged 16599 has been repaired.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 475 is a second vehicle with the MegaRear for Yeo Valley Organic Yoghurt. Brian Coney reports that 624 has now gone away to have its engine converted to diesel.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: BU04 EZF/G are now in service at Slough, whilst 46929-32 have been withdrawn. 68038 has returned to the fleet at Bracknell to cover for 68502 which is on demonstration elsewhere. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.


  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire & Warwickshire Fleet List: 16526 was only on loan to Oxford, and remains allocated to Witney. 16514/5 have now transferred to Leamington, although remain in reserve. 16599 has been reinstated at Leamington, although also remains in reserve. X17 branded 20803 has received an interior refurbishment. Following the entry into service of the Enviros at Rugby 32058 has transferred to Stagecoach Western, and 14930/1 have been withdrawn. 40126 is to be withdrawn from Witney and replaced by 40654 from Rugby (visual confirmation of the move is awaited). 52308 has been placed into reserve. New at Nuneaton is Vauxhall Corsa 91629, registered AP04 LDF, at Oxford similar AP04 KZH is actually KZM and fleet number 91629, LBU is 91628 and previously unreported AP04 LDV is 91630.
  • Thames Travel Fleet List: 153 has a MegaRear for Secondsite
  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: LUI 9692 has been reregistered L552 EHD



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