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Comments and contributions for this site are always welcome, keeping up with all of the bus related events in the Thames Valley and Warwickshire is certainly a big task for one individual!

Please read this before sending your email:

This site is not that of any bus or coach company, but is purely for the interest of bus enthusiasts (aka bus spotters). As such Bus Zone cannot help with issues relating to the operation of bus services in any location - so by emailing the address below your message will NOT reach somebody that is able to do something about your bus service, email you back a timetable, tell you how to get from A to B, find lost property, deal with complaints, hire you a bus or forward a message to your desired recipient. I could just email you a copy of this statement back to you.

As a help to everybody, all known contact information for featured companies is included towards the bottom of the main page relating to them.

I would also add that I know nothing about the technical specifications of buses in general (i.e. their height, length, width, weight, shape), I don't own, buy or sell them, I don't know how to maintain them, I don't have any servicing manuals, and I don't know where you can buy spare parts.

If you are looking for journey planning information or bus timetables, you may find the following site of use:

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0871 200 22 33

If you are looking for information relating to the technical specifications of buses, and the regulations that bus operators and manufacturers must adhere to, the best starting point is:

To get in contact with Bus Zone please email Rob at


(If you are writing the address down replace the spaces and square brackets with the punctuation described by the text - this is an anti-spam measure, although clicking the link will automatically give you the correct address!)

Suggestions, questions and comments are most welcome, and I'm happy to give route/location advice to enthusiasts thinking about visiting the area.