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June 2004

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  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: New on 16th were Vauxhall Corsas AP04 LBU and KZH. LBU is a replacement for Ford Transit recovery van 95052 which was withdrawn the same day, whilst KZH is a crew van.


  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: New for the Oxford Tube are Neoplan Skyliners KP04 GJE/F/G/J/K which are assumed to become 50101-5. All currently on driver familiarisation duties, GJG/J/K also have COMING SOON... THE NEW OXFORD TUBE branding. 16526 is in use at Oxford depot, meanwhile 29615 has returned in unbranded training livery and is being prepared for use.





  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: 16616 still has its MegaRear for Touchwood, whilst 16614 has lost its Stagecoach UniRider (female) MegaRear following a full repaint. 20402 may have transferred back from Rugby to Leamington, having been in service from Leamington this week. Dale Tringham reports that 16525 is now also away for conversion, noting it, 16517 and one other (possibly 16518?) at Caetano, Leicester.





  • Thames Travel Fleet List: 49 has also been repainted in plain white, formerly being in Thames Trains livery. Y313 KDP is 313. Thanks to Ralph Adams for this.


  • News Page: Visiting Routemasters
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 516 has returned to service following engine repairs.
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: New Scania OmniDekkas 801-17 are to wear a completely new livery designed by Ray Stenning, 805-17 featuring purple route branding for route 17, and 801-4 having generic charcoal grey for use on any route. It is expected that a further 13 OmniDekkas are to be ordered during 2004 for services 25/44/45. Eventually there is to be a network of 12 branded route corridors, each with its own colour and low floor vehicles. Existing low floor vehicles are to be repainted into the new livery in due course. There is also the possibility of some new single deckers for the South Reading services should finances allow, the type has yet to be decided. 624 is to be converted to diesel operation, whilst 614 is likely to be scrapped.
  • Thames Travel Fleet List: X49 VVY is now fleet number 49
  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: The new Warwickshire County Council Enviros are fleet numbers 27502-5


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 456 was in service in Reading with its Newbury stripe by 2nd, and also features a tree deflector. 107 has a new MegaRear for Newbury College, previously Gurneys Vauxhall. 704 still has its Nestle MegaRear.
  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: 14933 is now withdrawn and stored at Nuneaton, and Witney Olympian status updated. Thanks to Keith Wood for this.


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