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May 2005

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  • Aldermaston Coaches Fleet List: C116 GVU has been sold to Clegg & Brooking, Middle Wallop, B413CMC to Newbury Leisure, Thatcham, and B414 CMC to Neville Evans, Kingsclere and converted into a lorry. New are Mercedes-Benz 814D / Autobus Classique P505 GHH numbered 3, LDV 400 M198 PCF numbered 4, LDV Convoy W547 XVS numbered 5, and Volvo B7R / Plaxtons W117 TJF and Y828 HHE numbered 6 and 8. Thanks to Derek Bradfield for this. H458/9 FLD also appear to have been sold.
  • Horseman Coaches Fleet List: The N9xx NWW batch have all been upseated from C53F to C57F. M658 SBL has been sold to Thomas & Pugh, Upper Tumble then to Brodyr Williams, Upper Tumble and reregistered XIJ 616. S610/11 VAY have been sold through Byron John (dealer) to Lang & Evans, Abercraf. S934 KJM has been sold to Aston, Five Acres and W58 SJH to Jackson, Altrincham. S613 VAY is confirmed as an erroneous entry and has never been owned, whilst R204 STF is confirmed as C69F. Thanks to Derek Bradfield for this.
  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: B10 MBT, B10 MDT, B10 MFT have been reregistered back to their original registrations H523/4/6 YCX and sold through Mentor (dealer) to Rambler, Rayleigh (H523/4) and Sutton, Hutton Roof (H526). B405 CMC has been sold to APT, Rayleigh through Scania (dealer), and P504LMO to Plaxton (dealer). OO02 TEN, WA03 UDY/Z are for sale. Thanks to Derek Bradfield for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire Fleet List: 16517 and one other Olympian has recieved branding for new summer route X1. 18055/6 are reported to have gone on loan to Stagecoach Devon for the summer.


  • News Page: RBH Park & Ride
  • Thames Travel: Contact details brought up to date
  • Courtney Coaches Fleet List: G17 DER, R430 DGU and BL53 CCL have passed to Vale (dealer) for sale. P992 RNW has been sold to Digan, Clara, P337 ROO returned to Dawson Rentals off lease, S17 CCL sold to Witte, Calne, and X8 CCL sold to Astra Travel, Andoversfield (and reregistered SIL 4458). P707 HRY was sold to Bennett, Wokingham for scrap, but has subsequently been seen on the road. Four more Optare Solos are on order, whilst the order for a new Neoplan has been cancelled following the end of the company's coaching activities. Thanks to Derek Bradfield for this.



  • Reading Transport Fleet List: Loaned 1000 returned to Scania on 17th. 1013-20 are expected to enter service on 4th July. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.



  • Reading Transport: New link to photo by Mark Amis of former Leyland Titan 73 with Coachman Travel at the recent Bristol Harbourside Rally added
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 21121 appears to be on loan to First Devon & Cornwall (Western National) whilst 34194 is here. Thanks to James Cusworth for this. The original registration of 34194 was N113 UHP. Thanks to Stephen Le-Bras for this. 61136 has arrived at Chertsey from West Yorkshire (Halifax), moving on 26th April. Thanks to Mat Wooll for this.


  • First Berkshire Fleet List: Ex Airbus Volvo Olympian 34194 (481 FPO) has been on loan from approx 20th May for use on Greenline route 702. It is only expected to stay for around a week. Thanks to Stephen Le-Bras, Keith Nason and Mac Head for this.




  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: B10 MSC is named Ark Ade, B10 MSE is Joan of Ark, B10 MWA is Ark Angel and B10 MWC is Ark Lightning. Thanks to Malcolm Crowe for this.



  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire Fleet List: It turns out that 14369, 14373 and 14378 are not transfers to Fife, but are passing through there before being donated to charity. 32704-6 now seem unlikely to return in time from Carlisle for the Banbury service changes in June..



  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: The final B9TL has arrived, registered OU05 KLA. Short lived J718 OHG was an EOS E180Z, quite a rare type in the UK. Thanks to Derek Bradfield for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire Fleet List: Withdrawn 14369, 14373 and 14378 may have transferred to Stagecoach Fife. Thanks to Paul McNamara for this. At some point in the last few months 28108 received it correct fleet number 29108. 29615 has returned to Oxford from loan to Cambridge.



  • Reading Transport: New link to a photo by Richard Kennedy of 974 before acquisition by Reading Transport
  • Courtney Coaches: Courtney have announced that they intend to close the coaching arm of their operation, and instead focus on corporate work (business parks, shuttles, etc), education contracts and local bus work.
  • Courtney Coaches Fleet List: New arrivals are Plaxton Cheetahs Y831/2 HHE, Y831 HHE having already been a member of the fleet from 08-2002 to c04-2004. Also previously unreported are Optare Solos W289 FYG and YE52 FGX. N17 CCL has been sold to Anderson, Spath, P17 CCL, S17 CCL and W418 KBE to Vale, Great Kingshall and JO03 CCL to APT Coaches. P337 ROO has also been sold, and P707 HRY has been scrapped. Thanks to Derek Bradfield and Courtney Coaches for this.
  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: B10 MFC is named Ark Wright. Mercedes-Benz 811D / Plaxton M41 WUR is on hire. G977 LRP, J29 UNY, J233 NNC and J718 OHG have been sold to Moseley (dealer) and V78/81 JKG to APL, Crudwell. Thanks to Derek Bradfield for this. The existence of J718 OHG had not been reported on here until now, and it is not yet clear what type of vehicle this is/was.


  • First Berkshire Fleet List: Bluebird 61135 has arrived from First West Yorkshire in exchange for BMC 68501. Another unidentified Bluebird arrived from Yorkshire a couple of weeks ago, and further swaps are expected to try to standardise the fleet on Bluebirds. Thanks to Mat Wooll for this.
  • Courtney Coaches Fleet List: P992 RNW and R430 DGU are confirmed as still for sale, whilst G17 DER, Y8 CCL and BL53 CCL have also been put up for sale. JO03 CCL has been sold.



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