Courtney Buses

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Courtney Buses operate buses for tendered and schools services in the Windsor area. When established in 1973 they were known as Courtney Coaches, but were renamed in October 2010 having gradually changed from running coaches for private hire work to bus work in the previous few years.

Fleet List

YJ14 BGZ on 8 September 2014

Optare Solo SR YJ14 BGZ in Friar Street on 8th September 2014.

Former Fleet

X9 CCL on 1 August 2003 (41138 bytes)

X9 CCL is a Mercedes Benz 614, and is seen on a private hire at Reading Station on 1st August 2003.

W418 KBE on 20 December 2002 (44824 bytes)

W418 KBE, an Autobus Nouvelle 2, wore a special livery to operate a shuttle to and from Chineham Park and Basingstoke. It is seen here on 20th December 2002.

YE52 KPT on 20 December 2002 (48646 bytes)

YE52 KPT is one of three Optare Solos that were branded for the Basingstoke 'Centre Shuttle' park and ride service. It is seen here at Basingstoke Station on 20th December 2002.

Y831 HHE on 20 December 2002 (35275 bytes)

Y831 HHE outside Basingstoke Station, operating a stuff shuttle for Sony and Motorola on 20th December 2002.

RX57 MDZ on 27 May 2008

RX57 MDZ at Bracknell Bus Station operating route 107 on 27th May 2008.

YJ57 XWP on 27 May 2008

YJ57 XWP operating route 6 in Windsor on 27th May 2008.

YJ57 EKH on 27 May 2008

YJ57 EKH at Bracknell Bus Station operating route 108 on 27th May 2008.

KX11 EES on 15 April 2011

KX11 EES at Bracknell Bus Station on 15th April 2011. Thanks to Gary Baxter for this photo.

MX11 JYV on 29 August 2011

Wright Streetlite MX11 JYV arriving in Reading on 29th August 2011.

KP51 SXV on 30 December 2001 (19951 bytes)

This is Plaxton Mini Pointer Dart KP51 SXV in Reading working service 190 to Wokingham when new on Sunday 30th December 2001.

KP51 SXV on 18 August 2002 (50903 bytes)

SXV later wore Boroughbus livery for a Windsor and Maidenhead County Council tendered service, but still regularly appeared in Reading on Sundays. It is seen here on 18th August 2002.

KX54 NLA on 22 August 2005 (35321 bytes)

DAF SB220 / East Lancs Myllennium KX54 LNA seen at Didcot Parkway Station operating a shuttle service to Milton Park on 22nd August 2005.

N17 CCL on 26 September 2003 (37729 bytes)

Scania Irizar N17 CCL at Reading Station on 26th September 2003.

P337 ROO on 14 September 2003 (47435 bytes)

DAF DB250 / Northern Counties Palatine II P337 ROO at St. Marys Butts on Sunday 14th September 2003.

S847 DGX on 1 May 2006 (56591 bytes)

Volvo Olympian S847 DGX at Reading Station on 1st May 2006.

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