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February 2004

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  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: The two new Megabuses for Rugby are to be 13614/5 J166/7 UNH, and Nuneaton Darts 34498/9 are KV53 NHP/VNL. Thanks to John Hammond for this. 34495/7 have now received route 48 branding. Thanks to Keith Wood for this. Withdrawn 52298 has now transferred to Stagecoach South, and 16402 has ended its period on loan from Devon to Oxford by moving on to Swindon. Thanks to Nigel Diplock for this.
  • Thames Travel Fleet List: 390, 846 and 972 now also have fleet numbers applied, thanks in part to Adrian Lancer for this.


  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: 16524 has a new MegaRear for Job Centre Plus, and 16526 for Bosch. 50038 has arrived back from fire damage repairs. Keith Wood reports that 52308 has now received National Express GO livery, but still awaits service here.
  • Thames Travel Fleet List: V399 SVV now wears its fleet number, 399


  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: Route 7A branding has been altered to Route 7. The relevant parts of the 7B branding have also been changed to match. Two tri-axle Olympians are expected for Rugby depot for a new Megabus service from Birmingham to London starting on 1st March. The buses will transfer to Leamington in mid April. 31330 is to transfer to Rugby where 32058 is to be withdrawn like the Darts from Oxford.


  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: New Dart 34495 (KV53 NHM) has entered service at Nuneaton. Thanks to Keith Wood for this. It is helping to cover whilst the remaining Primeline Darts are repainted into fleet livery, the other new Darts are expected to launch at the beginning of March. 34491-5 look like they are registered KV53 NHH/J-M. 52037 is actually allocated to Banbury for Banbury and Witney trainees, although it is shown under Nuneaton.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: Typo corrected - expected date for new OmniDekkas and the withdrawal of Metrobuses / Titans is 09/10-2004 not 09/10-2003! Thanks to Mac Head for this.
  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: 33650 is in new livery. Thanks to Keith Wood for this. 31330 is in reserve. 31331 has transferred from Oxford to Banbury, and 40172 is to move to Oxford in return to allow the withdrawal of 41510. 20417 has today gone on loan to Witney, but is eventually to transfer away from Oxford along with 20423, 20541, 20542 and 20704.



  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 111 has received major accident damage and 701 has a new MegaRear for Bosch
  • Countywide Travel Fleet List: The second MAN / East Lancs Myllennium, RX53 LNH has entered service in plain white livery. It is assumed that it will eventually become fleet number 62.



  • Courtney Coaches Fleet List: New are Optare Solos KX53 SDO, KX53 SCV, KX53 SBZ, KX53 SBY, KX53 SCZ numbered 1-5 and DAF / East Lancs X906 RHG numbered 8. Existing Solo YG52 DHJ has been numbered 6, and joins these new acquisitions on recently won services 6/6A in Windsor. Thanks to Stephen Le-Bras for this.
  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: Nuneaton's new Darts seem likely to become 34491-9 and enter service next week



  • Reading Transport Fleet List: New MegaRears applied before the end of January are 472 for Fiat Panda and 705 for Bosch
  • Reading Optare Deltas: 511 has Bright-Tech displays
  • Countywide Travel Fleet List: Peugeot 406 W227 SRV has been replaced by Peugeot 406 HS03 HBA, Proton K698 KGH by Ford Fiesta G314 CJH and Ford Transit H43 BBB has been withdrawn. Thanks to Mick Dainty for this.
  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: 50053's Park Royal MegaRear was replaced with one for the Oxford Tube "for shopping?" at the end of January. 14937 is another Olympian with refurbished interior. 20006-11 are in the process of loosing thier X4 branding as new Darts are launched on the route tomorrow. There appears to be some question over the vehicles that the new Darts in Nuneaton will displace for use in Oxford.

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