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March 2004

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  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 212-5 are to be registered YN04 AHC-F (although confirmation of 212 would be appreciated), with 212/3 expected on 31-03-04 and 214/5 on 16-04-04. 212/3 will replace 272/4 and 214/5 will replace leased 241/2. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Reading Transbus Enviro 300s: Details about 974 updated/corrected
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: New is 68501, BU04 CAA a Turkish built BMC school bus for Bracknell. Following withdrawal 1012 has returned to First Midland Red, and LS497 to First Leicester. 816 was repainted into First livery during July 2003, but both 812 and 816 now wear a ColourBus livery for Bracknell Forest Libraries. 820-5 have lost their Broadway Direct branding, with 820-2/4 subsequently receiving overground style route branding for routes 158/9. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 110, 218-20, 812/5/6 are on loan from Bracknell to Slough to cover for their fleet of Mercedes-Benz Citaros. The Citaros have temporarily been taken out of service for modification work following a series of fires on articulated versions in London. Thanks to Brian Coney for this. Roe bodied Olympians 30589, 30595, 30601, 30764 from Leeds are reported as covering services at Bracknell.  Credit to Matthew Wooll for this.
  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: 13604 has been returned to Oxford from Rugby, loaned 52143 going to Rugby in its place. 20542 and 20704 have gone into store at Nuneaton from loan to Banbury. 32005 is off the road with accident damage. Thanks to Keith Wood for this.


  • News Page: End of Midland Red Nationals with photo of 25402 (602)
  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: Oxford reserve 20423 has replaced 25402 at Nuneaton. 16619 has a new MegaRear for Stagecoach UniRider passes, different to that recently applied to 16618.
  • Thames Travel Fleet List: Solo X385 VVY has left the fleet along with X49 and X384. Thanks to Paul Young for this.



  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: 40657 was repainted into new livery back in December, making Stagecoach in Oxfordshire the first division to be completely repainted. 20542/704 are still on loan to Banbury.
  • Thames Travel Fleet List: Fleet numbers confirmed on 181, 847 and 992. Thanks to Ralph Adams for this.
  • Apologies for the lack of buttons on the site today - without realising it I was over active with a spring clean of the site's folders last night!


  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: 40659 is in new livery. Thanks to Ross for this. This leaves 40657 as the only Oxfordshire vehicle not yet noted in new livery. 16401 left for Swindon not longer after 16402, and both have now arrived at their ultimate destination of Fife. Initial details of new Tridents 18027-37 are now added, confirmed registrations are KN04 XJB/C/E/F/J /K. All 11 look set to first go on loan to Stagecoach London to cover for Mercedes Citaros that have been taken off the road.
  • Thames Travel Fleet List: M501 VJO is fleet number 501
  • Reading Transport MegaRears: New photo of rear on 706 added




  • News Page: Preparations for OmniDekkas - More Detail, including some surprises with the forthcoming fleet changes. Thanks to Mac Head for this.
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 706 has a new MegaRear for Nescafe, and Titan 71 is not currently in use due to a severe corrosion problem. 212 and 213 are expected to arrive during the first week of April. Thanks to Mac Head for this.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 1012 has been withdrawn, and is now in store at Bracknell, whilst 1550 has transferred to Chertsey/Slough in its place. LS497 is now at Rainham pending disposal. Thanks to Mac Head for this.
  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: 16438 has had its Vauxhall MegaRear replaced with one for Bosch. 16618 has received one for Stagecoach UniRider tickets. Thanks to Keith Wood for this. 50059 has a new MegaRear for currencies.co.uk. 33821 and 33822 re-entered service at Oxford today. The eleven new Tridents on order are to be 18127-37.



  • Courtney Coaches Fleet List: S17 CCL and N17 CCL are for sale to be replaced by a new Scania and Neoplan respectively. G17 DER is a Volvo B10M, and is the team coach for the Bracknell Bees. Extra details about JO03 CCL also added. Thanks to Paul for this.





  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: 33650-5 are to be branded for route 10 in Oxford. All bar two Dart SLFs have now arrived in Oxford, Banbury and Bedford paintshops each having one of the other two. The older Darts are to transfer to Stagecoach West and one of the Scotland divisions.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 108 and 109 have been withdrawn from Bracknell and transferred to First Hampshire



  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 110 transferred from the Vodafone to Newbury town fleet this weekend. Thanks to Pete Baggett for this. It is not yet known if it retains its Vodafone MegaRear.
  • Reading Transport Optare Solos: Following Vodafone's vacation of Pear Tree House, Vodafone route CPC ceased last Friday. Thanks to Pete Baggett for this.
  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: 52143 (K573 DFS) is on loan from East Midlands to Oxford to cover for 13604 which has been loaned to Rugby for the launch of the new Birmingham - London service today, 13615 not being available. 34499 is KX53 not KV53, whilst the others are now all in service with Primeline 48 branding. It appears that 20704 went on loan to Witney rather than 20413, although 20413 has not been seen for a few days.

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