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January 2004

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  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 624 was withdrawn back in October, and remains for sale along with similar 614. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 220-2 have transferred from Slough to Bracknell, whilst new 53052-7 are B28F and in purple 'Linx' livery for new route 1. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.



  • First Berkshire Fleet List: The new Optare Solos are 53052-7, LK53 MBX, MBY, MDE, MDF, MDJ, PNO.
  • Countywide Travel Fleet List: The first new MAN / East Lancs Myllennium to arrive is 61, RX53 LFH. Thanks to Mick Dainty for this. The three vehicles (61-3) look set to enter service on route 72.
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 625 has been sold to Blue Bus of Horwich to join 621-3, and 628 has transferred from Reading to Newbury in its place. Thanks to Pete Baggett and Brian Coney for this. Contrary to previous reports 974 has yet to enter service at Reading.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: SK52 USS has entered service in Reading as 974, still in demonstrator livery but with Reading Buses vinyls added
  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: Most, if not all of Oxford Darts 32051-4/7-8/61-3/612 are to transfer to Stagecoach South Wales upon arrival of the Dart SLFs from Nuneaton. Thanks to Ian Kirby for this.


  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: 34472 arrived in Oxford today, being KV53 NHG. 22209 has received branding for route 1, and 16144 has had Brookes Bus logos reapplied since at least the start of term on the 8th. Keith Wood reports that Nuneaton 33651 has been repainted into new livery ready for its forthcoming transfer to Oxford.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 520 has lost its Leightons Colourbus livery in favour of fleet livery.
  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: 34468/71 arrived at Oxford today (KV53 NHC/F), and the first of nine has also been delivered to Nuneaton. Typos relating to the fleet numbers of these vehicles have been corrected across the site. They are in the 344xx series as per other recent deliveries across the country.
  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: A correction to the seating capacity shown for 50054 is that it is lower than its sisters, being CH53/11Ft. Thanks to Ralph Adams for this point.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: Transbus Enviro 300 demonstrator SK52 USS has been acquired for service in Reading. It finished is last duty in Newbury on 16th, and was due to be sent to Reading on 17th. Presumably it will be repainted into fleet livery before entering service. Thanks to Jon Nutt and Pete Baggett for news on this.
  • Reading Transbus Enviro 300s: Text updated following the purchase of SK52 USS
  • Newbury Bus Fares: Some details have been added following the fares increase from 1st December
  • Newbury Historical Bus Fares: NEW PAGE! with details about previous Newbury fare scales and systems
  • Countywide Travel Fleet List: S377 is fleet number 37, Mercedes IDZ 8561 is on loan as fleet number 21 and one of the new MANs has arrived at the Oakley depot. Thanks to Andy Gilmour for this.
  • Stagecoach South Midlands Fleet List: The first four of the new Darts have now arrived, registered KV53 NHA/B/D/E they are to become 34466/67/69/70. They await their sisters (34468/71/72) and their X4 route branding before entering service.


  • News Page: Reading Buses Launch Readicash
  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: New are two Bova Futuras WA53 FDG/J in Fraiser Eagle livery. Thanks to Derek Bradfield for this.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 551-3 have definitely been withdrawn from Bracknell and scrapped, whilst six Optare Solos are due for a new service in Slough.





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