Newbury Bus Fares

Here are details about bus fares charged by Newbury Buses.

Single Bus Fares from 20th April 2009

A Zonal bus fare system is operated by Newbury Buses. The Newbury / Thatcham area is split up into zones, and the fare you pay is based on the number of zones that you travel through. The zone boundaries are as follows:

Central Zone

Inner Zone

Intermediate Zone

Outer Zone

Final Zone

Croft Lane,
Donnington Castle,
Shaw Cemetery,
Cromwell Road,
Racecourse Station,
New Road,
Stroud Green,
St Johns PO,
Salcombe Road.
Manor Park,
Hambridge Road,
Pigeons Farm,
Pinchington Lane,
Middle Close,
Station Road.
Henwick Lane,
Derwent Road,
Newtown Road Junction,
Wash Common,
Bowling Green Road,
Kennet Heath,
Floral Way,
Thatcham Station,
New Greenham Park,
Bishops Green.
Cold Ash Crossroads,
Upper Bucklebury,
Colthrop Turn.

The fares charged are:

Number of Zones Adult Single Adult Return Child* Single Child Return*
1 1.50 2.50 1.00 1.50
2-3 1.80 3.00 1.20 1.50
4-6 2.40 4.00 1.50 2.00
*  Child fares are not available after 10pm (Travel Cards are still valid however).

Return tickets are not available within the zonal area, but they are are available for adults (and children after 9.00am on schooldays) for journeys wholly or partially outside the zonal area where the adult single fare exceeds 1.80.

Travel Cards from 6th April 2010

Newbury Buses also offer a number of travel cards depending on where you travel from, which offer very good value for money. Details of the main Travel Cards available are summarised below, day and adult weekly tickets are available from the driver, and weekly or longer tickers on smartcards which can be topped up online or at PayPoint outlets.

Type Adult Child Group
Newbury Busabout (1 day) 4.00 3.00 n/a
Simply Newbury 7 day 16.00 10.00 n/a
Simply Newbury 30 day 53.00 36.00 n/a
Basingstoke Weekly 17.00 n/a n/a
Simply Network 1 day 8.00 5.00 15.00
Simply Network 7 day 19.50 15.00 n/a
Simply Network 30 day 78.00 56.00 n/a
Simply Network 90 day 231.00 158.00 n/a
Newbury =
Newbury / Thatcham Zonal area (as above) which is bounded by the stops at - Donnington Castle, Shaw Cemetery, Cold Ash Crossroads, Upper Bucklebury (Peaches Stores), Colthrop Mills turn, Thatcham Station, Bishops Green, Wash Common and Stockcross.
Network =
All Reading and Newbury Buses services. The 1 day Network ticket also includes all services operated by First Berkshire in the Reading area, Stagecoach Hants & Surrey, and Stagecoach in Hampshire journeys on "The Link".
Group =
Any four people - adults and/or children

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The Past

Details of some recent fare scales and systems can be found on the Newbury Historical Bus Fares page.

Last Updated: 26-06-10

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