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November 2015

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  • News Page: Winnersh Triangle Park & Ride Opens - with photo of 651


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMC demonstrator YX65 RKK arrived on 2nd and was out on driver training by 4th. Thanks to Martin for this. 521/3 gained Silver Stars branding over half term, reappearing on 2nd. 522 had also been done by 4th. 802 had re-entered service in Claret Spritzer livery by 26th October. 844 and 1206 have gained new MegaRears for Just Tiles. Thanks to James Cusworth for this. 525 had entered service in September rather than on 6th October. 651-3 gained full Winnersh Triangle Park & Ride branding on 25th October ready for the opening on 26th. 524 had returned from repaint into generic silver by 1st November pending the application of vinyls, with 525 now away. 551/69 appear to be withdrawn. Thanks to Brian Coney for this. 805 had returned following repaint into silver/gray on 31st October and was back in service by 4th, with 806 now being prepared.
  • Reading Transport MegaRears: New photos of the rears on 231, 844 and 1206 added
  • Reading Transport Greenwave and P&R MegaRears: New photos of the rears on 401, 403, 404, 406, 651 and 653 added.
  • Carousel Buses Fleet List: 709 has transferred back to Thames Travel. Thanks to Ralph Adams. It retained Thames Travel livery. Thanks to David Winyard for this. 553 has been repainted into fleet livery without lettering.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 20612 has been repainted into the the RailAir & you're there livery with Bristol to Bangkok rear. 33142/5/7 transferred to First Hampshire and Dorset in July, 33180-2 in August, 33153, 64014/6 in September and 44507, 64012/3/7 in October. Routemasters 39735 and 39810 have temporarily gone into store at Reading Buses (39810 on 4th October and 39738 on approx 8th October), having previously been in Bracknell. They are expected to transfer to Slough once the remaining ex Bracknell vehicles have departed. Thanks to Brian Coney for this. 33153/80/83 are currently on loan to First Norwich. 42346 appears to have been withdrawn. Four Wright Streetlite Max 63313-16 are on order for imminent delivery (with similar 63312 due for Hampshire). Thanks to David Fuller for this. It is assumed that 32963, 33143/4/8 have transferred from Bracknell to Slough with the status of the route 90 branding on 33144/8 to be confirmed.
  • Oxford Bus Company Fleet List: 223 has been repainted blue for route 2, with 224-9 to follow. Thanks to Malcolm Crowe for this. 368/9 have gained 'Electicity' branding matching 351-64. Thanks to Graham Low for this.
  • Reading & Wokingham Coaches Fleet List: Y58 THS and RNH 84V have been sold, the latter to an operator in the London area.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Fleet List: 37401-5 entered service on 2nd, with 36451/3/5 and loaned 36763/4 to transfer to Oxford to replace 22761-4. Thanks to Malcolm Crowe for this. 34472 has returned to service whilst 36451 has yet to depart. Thanks to Martin Townsend for this. 22765-71 transferred to Stagecoach Yorkshire in August.
  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: 327 RFC has been reregistered RH62 OHC. Thanks to Brian Coney for this. The Volvo Olympian fleet has been named using former Midland Red post MAP local identity names and in many cases re-registered to form a chassis number order sequence. P724 GND has been reregistered C1 OXF, C1 OXF becomes C2 OXF, C2 OXF becomes C3 OXF, C16 TCL becomes C4 OXF, C17 TCL becomes C5 OXF, R511 UWL becomes C6 OXF, C18 TCL becomes C7 OXF, C19 TCL becomes C8 OXF, C13 TCL becomes C9 OXF, C15 TCL becomes C10 OXF, R749 DRJ becomes C16 TCL, S764 SVU becomes C17 TCL, C10 OXF becomes C18 TCL, C9 OXF becomes C19 TCL. Also 461 XPB has been reregistered RH62 OHD, but 653 GBU has not gone back to RX12 HWK as previously suggested. AF53 OXF is with Plaxton (dealer) pending onward sale. Thanks to David Wilder for this.

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