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July 2007

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Scania OmniLink Demonstrator

28-07-07 & 29-07-07

Scania OmniLink demonstrator YN07 LHO is currently on loan to Reading, and has made a few appearances on the Thames Valley Park service over the last week or so. It is covering for the Scania OmniCity fleet which is going away in turn for warranty work. Once the Reading batch have been done it will transfer to Newbury to cover Vodafone work.

YN07 LHO on 27 July 2007 (58331 bytes)

Thanks to James Cusworth for this photo.

New Look for Newbury


The arrival of the recently acquired Dennis Darts for Newbury is to spell a new image for Newbury Buses. The vehicles are to wear a smart new silver livery with dark green skirt, branded with the slogan "Delivering Transport Excellence". Once the last four vehicles have been acquired all Newbury services will be operated by low floor buses, apart from the school buses.

604 on 7 July 2007 (76585 bytes)

604 in the new livery at Newbury depot on 7th July. Thanks to Brian Coney for this photo.

Olympuses Launched


The first three of the new Loddon Bridge East Lancs Olympuses went into service today. 835, 837 and 838 operated alongside incumbent 931, 935 and 936. As a little 'thank you' to the service's regular commuters anyone holding a Fastsaver ticket or Fastsaver Smartcard before 9am was given a free trip to town.

835 on 9 July 2007 (59319 bytes)

835 at Loddon Bridge today. Thanks to Stuart Curwen for this photo.

838 on 9 July 2007 (49490 bytes)

A rear view of 838. Thanks to Stuart Curwen for this photo.

The publicity quotes that the new buses offer nearly a 100% increase in seats, about a 50% reduction in emissions, a quieter ride and a much better on board ambience thanks to the designer styling and livery. The aim is to really raise the profile of the Park and Ride service and refresh its appearance. Thanks to Stephen Wise for this.

BTS Annual Tour


Yesterday evening saw the British Trolleybus Society's annual tour of Reading by preserved bus. This year AEC Regent 98 and Dennis Loline 76 were selected, 98 providing a link to last years tour when Regents 4 and 47 were used.

76 on 6 July 2007 (67408 bytes)

The first stop was at Tilehurst Station.

The tour then proceeded along Overdown Road and up Pierces Hill to Tilehurst, then down for a short loop around Turnhams Farm before returning to Tilehurst Road for the next stop at the Bear Inn. From there the buses continued along Tilehurst Road to Dee Road, then back to Tilehurst Road, Castle Hill, IDR, Mill Lane and Queens Road to Erleigh Road. From there the buses went back to King's Road and Cemetery Junction, London Road, Shepherd's Hill and Woodley. From Woodley there was a short run out through Charvil and Twyford before returning to Reading.

98 on 6 July 2007 (82416 bytes)

98 at Erleigh Road.

Once again thanks go to the evening's organisers and vehicle owners.

First Berkshire MAN Panther Demonstrator


First have been operating MAN / Plaxton Panther demonstrator WX07 OVJ on the RailAir service on evaluation for three weeks. It was used on driver familiarisation on 26th June and was expected to enter service the following day.

WX07 OVJ on 7 July 2007 (70892 bytes)

WX07 OVJ at Reading Station today.

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