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May 2008

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  • Reading Transport MetroRiders After RTL: New photo of former 626 added
  • Arriva the Shires: New photo of M783 PRS added
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: Depot codes altered to correspond to current internal company codes. Loaned 42406 is due to be cascaded to first Wyvern. 61135 is allocated to Chertsey and 64817 is in storage at Hayes with the others from the batch. 68038 is confirmed as having left the fleet, whilst training vehicles 90163/65/70/71 have been scrapped, presumably at some point after 64791-8 were converted. The conversion of 64796/8 into training vehicles was completed some time ago. Thanks to Keith Nason for this.
  • Thames Travel: New photo of 157 in Oxford Science Park livery added



  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 1103 entered service today. Thanks to Andy for this. Training Darts S516/7 JJH are to be numbered 310/11. 610 entered service on 14th. 122 transferred from Newbury to Reading on 15th to go away for repaint into a two tone green livery for route 142. It appears that 51 and 52 have been swapped around, with 51 originally bearing fleet number 52 when being worked on at Reading. 52 entered service on 19th and 51 on 22nd. YN08 MKU//V/X/Z are confirmed as 1104-7. Thanks to Brian Coney for this. An eighth OmniCity double decker had arrived by yesterday afternoon with 3 more expected next week and a further 3 the week after. It is hoped that the first seven will all be in service by 30th, meanwhile OmniDekka repaints into route 20/21 livery are to recommence shortly, presumably on return of 122.
  • Reading Transport Former Vehicle Fleet List: 468 was withdrawn and sold on 9th. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Reading Transport MegaRears: 474 also has the new MegaRear for Fiat Punto. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Reading Transport Optare Spectras: 710 went on loan to Newbury from 10th, entering service there on 14th. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Reading Transport Wright Solars: 1024 returned to Reading off loan on 21st with 1023 following on 22nd. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.



  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 107 had returned from repaint by the evening of 23rd wearing a plain white livery with pale blue and pale green lettering for route 40. Thanks to John Whitehead for this. None of the new ethanol buses were out in service for the start of the new 24 hour service on route 17 today. Thanks to Stephen Le-Bras for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire Fleet List: Oxford 18195-7 have gone on loan to Devon. Thanks to Ian Thomas for this.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: A further two OmniCity Double deckers arrived on 22nd thought to be registered YN08 MKX/Z, whilst the two on 20th were YN08MKU/V. This makes a total of 7 delivered so far. Thanks to John Whitehead for this.
  • Travel de Courcey: New photo of Y23 OXF and current & former fleet list added. Thanks to Ben Hobday for this.
  • Oxford Bus Company Fleet List: 23 and 24 have been sold to deCourcey Travel who are also the current owners of former 604/7 which were acquired via Diamond Bus. Thanks to Ben Hobday for this. 18-22, 23/4 and 634 were withdrawn during April. 608-11/13/15-18/30/33-4 have gone on loan to Go South Coast, whilst 629/33 went on loan to Unilink, Southampton via Go South Coast during April. 620 was sold to Travel Master, Stretford in March, and 18-22 to Padraig Naughton & O’Neachtain Tours in May. Thanks to the Oxford Bus Company for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire Fleet List: 20207 has lost its branding for routes 56/57. Thanks to Keith Wood for this. Meanwhile the first Enviro 200s have started to arrive at Nuneaton with Matrix branding for routes 55/56/57. 20220 returned to Leamington from loan to Oxford a couple of weeks ago, although Oxford 42624 remains out of use pending spare parts.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire Fleet List: 36982/4 and one other arrived at Nuneaton on 23rd, following a further two earlier in the week (probably 36980/1). Thanks to Simon Bradbury for this. 36985 is a confirmed arrival.



  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 52 entered service yesterday, with 51 still to enter service. Both have yet to be branded, pending rumoured new branding that will be applied to the Scanias as well. Thanks to Richard Aldous for this. 610 had entered service by 18th. Thanks to Brian for this. Two of the new ethanol OmniCity double deckers arrived at 1730 on 15th, making a total of three. Thanks to John Whitehead for this. Meanwhile a further two arrived at 1100 today after being fuelled at Nottingham City Transport (currently the only other operator of ethanol buses in the UK) at 0800 whilst on delivery from Scania in Hull via the M1.
  • Other Reading Operators: New operator Two Rivers Travel added with photo of Y14 HMC
  • Thames Travel Fleet List:  Following repaint into plain white 383 has been sold to Nu-Venture where it joins former 270. Thanks to the Oxford Chiltern Bus Page for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire Fleet List: 20211 has lost its branding for route 56/57. Thanks to Keith Wood for this.


  • Thames Travel Fleet List: The final new MAN is confirmed as AE08 DKX, the registration being difficult to differentiate from DKY. It is likely to have arrived at around the same time as DKY.



  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 51/2 have been registered RK08 CYJ/L. RK08 CYJ was present at Newbury without fleetnames on 12th. 468 was finally withdrawn from Newbury and sold to Midland Classic towards the end of last week. 710 has gone on temporary loan from Reading to Newbury to cover for its absence. 210-5 are likely to be withdrawn by March 2009 - all Goldline coach operations are to cease by February 2009. Goldline will continue as a contracts and private hire division.
  • Reading Transport MegaRears: 471 and 473 have new MegaRears for Fiat Punto, 473 loosing its rear for Subway. Thanks to James Cusworth for this.
  • Reading MCW Metrobuses: 464 has departed for its new owner, whilst 469 was due to be collected by its new owner yesterday, making it the last one to leave the company.
  • Reading Transport Scania OmniCity Double Deckers: 1101 returned from modifications on 13th (not 7th as expected), whilst several others are also now in the Country being prepared for delivery.
  • Reading Transport Scania OmniDekkas: 815 has returned from repaint into route 20/21 livery, and was back in service by 8th. Thanks to Simon Oliver for this. Further vehicles will only go away for repaint once some of the ethanol buses have entered service.





  • First Berkshire Fleet List: A new arrival at Slough is Dennis Dart 42406 from Uxbridge, repainted into full First Corporate livery, meanwhile 42412 has received a new ColourBus livery for John Nike Leisuresport. Both were by 30th April. Thanks to Stephen Le-Bras for this.
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: YN08 MKM is confirmed as 1101, and has gone to the Scania dealership in Newbury for work on various technical issues. A further three are expected to arrive towards the end of the coming week.
  • Reading Transport Scania OmniDekkas: 816 was back in service in maroon by 30th. Thanks to Michael Bennett for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire Fleet List: 16523/4 received new MegaRear adverts for Fiat Punto on 30th April.

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