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March 2003

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  • First Berkshire Fleet List: EC2015 is registered LK03 LNE and EC2019 is registered LK03 LNF due to later delivery, the others received their reserved '52' marks.


  • News Page: Second glimpse of Reading Tridents
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: Citaro fleet numbers added, although there is some uncertainty over the registrations shown. Five MCW Metrobuses acquired for the training fleet in July 2002 added.
  • Reading Area Bus Routes: Route change details from 31-03-03 confirmed


  • First Berkshire Fleet List: M1 GRT has returned to First Aberdeen, and Scania Irizar P26 RFS has arrived from Midland Bluebird in its place. P26 is likely to cover Greenline services whilst one of the Berkhofs operates the RailAir service. Thanks to Brian Coney and Mac Head for this.
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 191 transferred to Newbury
  • Reading Area Bus Routes: Major changes to routes through the Twyford area from 31-03-03


  • News Page: 506 fitted with temporary bright-tec display (including photo)!
  • Stagecoach in Warwickshire Fleet List: 20813 (243) is in new livery. Thanks to John Hammond for this. 40128 (328) is confirmed back in service at Leamington and in new livery.
  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: Depot allocations completely updated, including B10 MWT, TJI 6307, S222 AJW now at Greenham and Y 8OVA, 327 RFC, TJI 6308, R19 CES, WT52 EGG now at Chieveley. B10 MDC reregistered R6 BRD, B10 MFC reregistered R7 BRD, B10 MNX reregistered NBZ 70, G839 FVX reregistered B10 MDC, G859 FVX reregistered B10 MFC. B10 MWA and B10 MWC were the wrong way around, B10 MWA is in fact ex G807 FVX, and B10 MWC is ex F330 UJN. Details of Dennis Condors and recently deliveries completed.
  • Courtney Coaches Fleet List: New is Optare Solo CC52 CCL in Hurley Link livery, and W364 ABD has been repainted into BoroughBus livery.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: Of the new Citaros EC2015 is LK03 LNE (presumed reregistered from LT52 WXM) and EC2016 is LT52 WXN.
  • Reading Optare Deltas: Updated following recent events and new photo of 506 added
  • Reading MegaRears: New photo of 113's current MegaRear added



  • Stagecoach in Warwickshire Fleet List: 14365 and 14392 are withdrawn following a fire two months ago, 14365 is for scrap and 14392 with roof damage. All Dodge five Commandos are withdrawn, replaced by coaches 52020, 52031 and 52037 on driver training duties. 40172 has been withdrawn and moved to Stagecoach Oxford. 40128 (L328 YKV) rejoins the Leamington fleet, 41418 goes from Leamington to reserve, 41522 from Banbury to reserve, 42526 has gone from Leamington to Banbury, and 42624 is back in service at Banbury.New at Rugby from Stagecoach West & Wales is 52298 (N448 XVA) replacing 52302 which has fire damage. Thanks to the official Stagecoach South Midlands allocations list at www.stageocach-oxford.co.uk for most of this. All of the new fleet numbers for vehicles are now added, and rearranged into numerical order. Vehicles still not confirmed with the new numbers are now marked with *s.



  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 728 will be YJ03 UMK and 729 will be YJ03 UML. 726-9 are fitted with 15" TFT TV screens to display real time and next stop information as part of a Reading Borough Council project. 731-9 will also be fitted with them soon. Thanks to Sam Simpson for this. I believe that this system is going to cover a sizeable proportion of the town - Rob.
  • Stagecoach in Warwickshire Fleet List: 20809 (239) and 20823 (247) in new livery. Thanks to Keith Wood for this. New fleet numbers for more vehicles added (numbers are being added as noted by Keith Wood and your webmaster) - there are very few left to go now! Vehicles in new livery are no longer marked, but ones still in the old livery now are.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 186 has been sold to Carousel Buses, High Wycombe
  • Courtney Coaches Fleet List: N850 DKU is reregistered N17 CCL, P112 GHE is P17 CCL, S603 VAY is S17 CCL (and now in fleet livery,ex Elephant livery) and Y516 SNA is Y8 CCL. M111 CLA is sold and will leave the fleet in roughly three weeks time.
  • Reading Area Bus Routes: School route 89 and 90 details corrected and Reading Buses minor timetable changes from 10-03-03


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: New Enviros to be given fleet numbers 970-3 and FK03 xxx plates, and ten Deltas (presumed to be 501-10) to be transferred to Newbury. Thanks to Sam Simpson for this.




  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 174 has been sold for conversion to a mobile restaurant in Corsica, 183/6 are for sale, loaned 190 is unlikely now to return to Reading, 191 has been sold and will be withdrawn when possible, 192 is in Newbury livery for transfer next week and 193 is to be transferred to Goldline soon! Also 621-3, 801-14 are all advertised for sale, 627 has returned to Reading from loan to Newbury, and new Spectra 727 has been delivered.
  • Countywide Travel Fleet List: Ford Transit H43 BBB acquired for conversion into a maintenance van. Thanks to Steve Oxbrow for this.
  • Stagecoach in Warwickshire Fleet List: 420 is with Stagecoach East Scotland
  • Travel Coventry: Link to Travel Coventry website added
  • TWM Company Details: Minor update to garage details
  • TWM Fares: Fares increase from 09-03-03

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