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April 2003

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Enviro Exhibited at UK Coach Rally 2003


972 was exhibited at the UK Coach Rally 2003 in Brighton today. Also there was the Oxford Bus Company's brand new Scania Irizar Century L1 OXF wearing 'The Airline' livery.

972 wears the same livery as 971 below, but with Vodafone logos applied above the doors and drivers cab, and on the panel above the front registration plate. It is expected that the other three will be treated similarly.

Photos of the vehicles mentioned can be found on Stephen Hughes' Photo Gallery at Also there are a number of shots of preserved Reading vehicles on display at the Cobham rally last Sunday, and some of the Excels that went to Eastbourne are going to be added tomorrow.

Enviros Arrive at Newbury


Two of the four Enviros have now arrived at Newbury. 971 is one, and is seen here at Newbury Bus Station today. Destined for Vodafone work, it has yet to receive Vodafone logos, and for some reason is in standard Newbury livery rather than having LowRider branding.

971 on 10 April 2003 (49326 bytes)

Thanks to Paul Hilton for this photo.

First Delta replaces Vecta at Newbury


In the last few days Optare Delta 507 arrived at Newbury and has been put onto driver familiarisation duties prior to the other nine arriving later in the month. 507 appears to be in the middle of the conversion into Newbury livery, with parts of the stripe missing and a number of unpainted black and silver panels at the rear.

507 on 7 April 2003 (48624 bytes)

507's better side, seen outside Newbury Bus Station today. Note the black panel on the back corner.

Meanwhile, today saw the first Optare Vecta leave Newbury for good, 802 leaving for its new owner - Hertfordshire County Council. Your webmaster happened to be outside Mill Lane depot as it left on trade plate 007 AR:

802 on 7 April 2003 (32611 bytes)

With blinds removed 802 is just about to turn out of the depot for the last time ever.

Reading Tridents Are Go!


Reading's six second hand Dennis Tridents entered service for the first time today. 474 is seen below on route 25, but also flashing up exact fare reminders on its new Bright-tec display.

474 on 1 April 2003 (71569 bytes)

Where the Tridents were today:

471 - parked at GKS and used on driver familiarisation duties
472 - routes 25/44/45
473 - routes 25/44/45
474 - routes 25/44/45
475 - not seen
476 - route 9

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