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May 2003

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Coventry Citaro Arctics Ready for Action


Many thanks to Brian Blackmore for sending in this photo of BJ03 ETK outside Coventry garage today. They are due to enter service a week today on route 17/27.

BJ03 ETK on 26 May 2003 (103818 bytes)

It's that time of year...


...for all the students in the country, yep exam time. For Bus Zone I'm afraid this means that updates over the next month will be a little sporadic. If there are any major developments then I'm sure that I'll find time to put them on, but everything else may end up being left until 3rd June when I finish my last ever exam! Perhaps even 3rd June is a little optimistic considering all of the celebrating that I'll be doing afterwards!

For me, these exams mark the end of my degree at Warwick University. I now have a student placement arranged for the following 12 months, and being based in Oxford, it will allow me to improve my coverage from there whilst once again living full time in Reading. Even though I'll be back doing the buses of Reading in my spare time, the job will however allow me to keep strong links with Warwickshire (there's a cunning bit to this that I'm not telling you yet!), so hopefully the site can only get better!

Thanks to everyone for their contributions over the last months, and I hope that they keep on coming!

Rob Williams

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