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March 2003

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Second Glimpse of Reading Tridents

29-03-03 (updated 31-03-03)

Now ready to enter service when April arrives, 475 is seen yesterday parked up at the front of Great Knollys Street. Unfortunately it was at the wrong angle to the outside world to get a shot from the front!

475 on 28 March 2003 (39061 bytes)

473 was noted by Nigel Utting on uk-bus-fleetnews heading south on the M1 for Reading on 27th, minus fleetnames. Later at 7pm it was noted by a corresponant on the forum, parked outside the Oracle on Bridge Street in Reading.

471, 472, 473, 475, 476 are now thought to have arrived.

One possibility that they won't be taking up...


506 has received Bright-tec displays, similar to those installed on some Excels and Spectras. Unfortunately this is only temporary whilst the Hannover dot matrix displays fitted to 501-10 are cleaned and serviced before transfer to Newbury in April.

506 on 20 March 2003 (42139 bytes)

Front, side and rear displays have been altered, although for some reason the front wasn't showing the route number when seen on the 20th!

First Glimpse of Reading Tridents


Thanks to Paul Hilton for sending this photo of 476 (PO51 WNM) hidden away in the workshops at Reading's Great Knollys Street depot today.

476 on 3 March 2003 (45110 bytes)

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