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February 2003

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Surprise Purchases by Reading Buses! - Again!


Reading Transport Engineering director Sam Simpson has reported on the Bus Zone Forum that RT have ordered four new Transbus Enviro 300s for Newbury Vodafone work. They are to arrive in April and will displace four Vodafone Optare Solos which will move to the ordinary Newbury fleet.

Also confirmed are their plans to sell all 14 Optare Vectas in the coming weeks, although it is not yet clear what exactly will be replacing them. The Deltas mentioned below may or may not be involved, but the six Newbury Mk 1 MCW Metrobuses are also to be replaced upon the arrival of the four new Spectras and the Tridents described below. Of the Spectras, 726 has now arrived and includes completely restyled rear lights!

Surprise Purchases by Reading Buses! - Breaking News


Reading Buses have purchased six Dennis Trident / Plaxton President low floor double deckers from Pete's Travel, West Bromwich. Reading have been on the lookout for some second hand low floor double deckers since October 2002, when service changes added extra pressure onto their double deck fleet. The vehicles are on their way to Yorkshire Traction to receive Reading colours, Bright-tec displays and a CCTV system. Apparently one is also having a hole in its floor repaired.

The vehicles are the first purchases made under the authority of Sam Simpson, the new chief engineer of Reading Buses. They mark a significant change in the recent purchasing policy of the company, previously all new and second hand vehicles were of Optare manufacture. It is thought that these vehicles will displace six or seven Deltas from Reading which will transfer to Newbury to replace the same number of Vectas, which will then be sold.

PO51 WNK on 23 September 2001 (37094 bytes)

One of the six, PO51 WNK at Showbus on 23rd September 2001 when was less than a month into service.

Sisters W81 TJU and PO51 WNH have already been sold to Blue Triangle, Rainham and PO51 WNN went to GHA Coaches of Wrexham.

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