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February 2004

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Competition in the Country


Competition is now in full swing on route 72 between Reading and Fleet. Countywide have their first MAN / East Lancs along with their Mercedes Vario / Plaxton Beavers on the route, and Stagecoach are operating Dennis Dart / Alexander Dashs that haven't yet had their destination displays programmed. To gain a competitive edge, the Stagecoach 72A timetable runs a few minutes ahead of Countywide, whilst Countywide are displaying notices asking for customer loyalty having taken on the route a few months after the collapse of Tillingbourne.

32526 & 61 on 7 February 2004 (41178 bytes)

Stagecoach 32526 and Countywide Travel 61 at Reading Station today. The difference in the amount of layover time that the respective drivers had was very noticeable, 61 had been at the station over half an hour, whilst 32526 only had a couple of minutes.

Enviro Enters Service in Reading


At the end of January Transbus Enviro 300 SK52 USS was acquired for service in Reading. It's acquisition came after a period on loan to Newbury (reported last month), and is said to be to release pressure on vehicle allocation whilst rectification work is being carried out on the fleet of Excels.

974 on 7 February 2004 (37359 bytes)

Surprise purchase SK52 USS, fleet number 974 at Reading Station today. One feature is a very detailed flip-dot destination display.

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