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January 2004

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Countywide go Low Floor


Countywide Travel are now taking delivery of three new MAN / East Lancs Myllennium single deck buses, the first low floor buses to join the fleet. The vehicles are expected to enter service on route 72 to Reading in the coming days.

61 in January 2004 (46793 bytes) 61 rear in January 2004 (41677 bytes)

61 seen not long after delivery to Countywide's Oakley depot. Thanks to Mick Dainty for these photos.

Reading Buses Launch Readicash


Readicash is the name that Reading Buses are using to launch smart cards in the town. From Monday 26th customers can transfer credit to a Readicash card that will allow them to buy single, returns and Busabout tickets without the need for coins. It will be possible to top up cards at the Travel Shop or onboard buses, so fumbling for the exact change can once again become no more. Only got a fiver? Stick it on your Readicash.

Readicash will be valid for use on Reading and Newbury Buses within the Greater Reading Urban Area, plus the FastTrack, DayTrack and NightTrack services. Reading Buses say that it is anticipated that parents will value the system to give their child a safer and simpler means to purchase tickets, as well as those who prefer to pay as they go, or who want to reduce the amount of cash that they carry.

Enviro 300 Demonstrator in Use at Newbury


Following a failure of the gearbox in 972 on 12th December, and 941 sustaining some severe front end damage only days before, Transbus Enviro 300 demonstrator SK52 USS has been on loan from Transbus. Arriving on 23rd December, it entered service on Vodafone duties on the 24th with MetroRiders also appearing to fill in the gaps.

SK52 USS on 31 December 2003 (42086 bytes)

SK52 USS in Newbury on 31st December. Thanks to Brian Coney for this photo.

972 re-entered service the same day as this photo was taken, but the demonstrator is expected to remain until 941 returns.

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