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March 2004

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End of the Midland Red Nationals


The final Leyland National in the Stagecoach in Warwickshire (Midland Red South) fleet, 25402 said goodbye on a farewell tour of Warwickshire yesterday. Setting off from Nuneaton the bus visited Coventry, Leamington, Warwick, Stratford and Rugby by shadowing buses on ordinary routes (48, X16, X16 (part), 64, 86, 157 (part)).

Drivers from various depots took turns at the wheel, including some who could remember driving these vehicles when new in the 1970s. From the same era, Rugby's ECW bodied Leyland Olympian 14943 joined 25402 on the X16s and 64 to add some variety, and because Rugby's Olympians are to be confined to schools work following the delivery of four Transbus Enviro 300s for route 64 after Easter.

25402 on 27 March 2004 (42326 bytes)

About to set off on its final journey, the last Leyland National 25402 shadows a departure on route 157 from Coventry to Nuneaton.

Preparations for OmniDekkas - More Detail


Further news about forthcoming fleet changes in October/November is being made known.

  • 193 will NOT be leaving the fleet with the other Mk 1 Metrobuses at the end of the year! It is set to remain at Great Knollys Street having been afforded "Heritage" status, what exactly this means remains unclear.
  • The decision about which Mk 2 Metrobuses will transfer to Newbury is still being made. 455 will obviously go, but 457 will depend on  its ColourBus livery contract.
  • At Goldline 77-79 are to be replaced by 701-3. In addition the decision on whether to purchase the two additional new Scania/Irizars for June has yet to be made, although slots for their build are reserved.

Lastly keep your eyes open on forthcoming Saturdays, 974 is likely to be trialled on the Loddon Bridge Park and Ride one weekend!

Preparations for OmniDekkas Begin


Reading Mk2 Metrobus 455 has recently received partial Newbury Buses livery as part of a recent full repaint. It sports a green Newbury stripe on both sides, but without fleetnames. The front and back have ordinary Reading Buses logos, as do the message displays in the windows. It is not yet clear why it has been done so far in advance of September/October, but one may expect 456-9 and possibly others to be similarly treated over the coming months. Internally very little seems to have changed, with a mixture of its original yellow/orange seats, and others in Excel purple having been repaired at some point. Many of the Mk2 Metrobuses have featured such a mixture of moquettes for a number of years now, some even having a third variety in grey.

455 on 13 March 2004 (47481 bytes)

455 leaving Reading Station today on Woodley Circulars.

457, 465 and 468 have also received full repaints in recent months, 457 into a revised ColourBus livery and 468 following an engine fire.

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