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January 2003

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A warm welcome to the readers of 'The Core', the fortnightly supplement to the Warwick University student newspaper 'The Boar'. I hope that you do find "this thriller of a site" nothing less than "legendary"! Please feel free to sign the guestbook.

Stagecoach Renumbers


Work is now well under way renumbering the Stagecoach fleet into a national numbering system. In the Warwickshire fleet Nuneaton depot were the first to start about two weeks ago, Rugby followed a week later and then Leamington started on or around the 23rd. Progress is fairly rapid, and whilst lists of the new numbers are available, the numbers are being added to the Bus Zone fleet list as and when the vehicles are noted in service. It is expected that most of Leamington's allocation will have been done by the end of this weekend, and nationally by the end of this week.

Southam Shuttle Launched


Johnsons of Henley have launched two new Optare Solo midibuses this month. One has special lettering for a new service financed by Warwickshire County Council called the Southam Shuttle, and the other is to operate a second tendered service that started from the same date. On Sundays it is expected that they will make appearances on Leamington services, making an interesting comparison with the Solos that Stagecoach operate Monday to Saturday along similar routes.

 YM52 TSU on 19 January 2003 (38084 bytes)

The 'Southam Shuttle' YM52 TSU operating Leamington service 68 on one of its Sundays off. 19th January 2003.

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