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December 2014

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  • News Page: Fleet Buzz identity comes to an end with photo of 34414
  • News Page: Silver Service with photos of 654, 758 and 1111
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 835-7 have been sold to Uno, Hatfield. Thanks to Bob Stanger for this. 1012/13 have been withdrawn for sale. Demonstrator 498 departed sometime week commencing 10th November. 211 had returned to service in silver by 5th December, and 213 had returned from repaint by 7th. Earlier returns to service following repaint than previously noted are 212 by 19th November rather than 21st, and 1209 on 31st October rather than 6th November. Thanks to Brian Coney for this. 213 re-entered service on 9th. Thanks to John Wheeler for this. The repaint of 1207 into Jet Black livery was complete at Hants & Dorset trim and was ready to be returned on 5th December. It was back in service by 11th.
  • Reading Transport Alexander Dennis Enviro 300SGs: 433/4 had their Lime 2 branding amended to remove Peppard Common on approx 22nd November following the service being split in the Town Centre in July, although 432 has yet to be amended. Thanks to Brian Coney and James Cusworth for this.
  • Reading Transport Wright Solars: New photos of former 1008 and 1009 with Midland Classic added. Thanks to Bob Morley for this.
  • Baileys of Newbury Fleet List: PO56 PBX has arrived on long term loan from Holmeswood (dealer). Thanks to Bus Fare magazine for this.
  • Carousel Fleet List: 919/20/22 have been sold to Ensignbus (dealer) whilst 415/7 have returned to service from Thames Travel, as has 480 which had been in use as a mobile office. Thanks to Malcolm Crowe for this.
  • Courtney Buses Fleet List: Five ADL Enviro 200s KX64 AEF/G/J-L for Bedfont Lakes and one Optare Solo KX64 AEM for Foundation Park are due shortly to enter service on 5th January. Existing Foundation Park YJ10 EZX will be allocated to the Milton Park contract. These are likely to see off some of the Solos that are in plain white. Thanks to Glenn De Sousa for this.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 65621/2 were withdrawn in November after being off the road for a while. 41772 and 65602 left the fleet in November presumed for scrap. 4012-21 and the 'route 90' Dennis Tridents are in the process of being fitted with leather seats, 64012/3 being treated in November and 64017 in December with 33142 and 64016 currently away. The Tridents will also be repainted at the same time. 64001/2 were swapped between Bracknell and Slough in October, returning in November. 64032/43 returned to Slough from loan to Bracknell in October with 64035/38/42 going on loan in the opposite direction. 64037 went on loan from Slough to Bracknell in November with 64038/42 returning. Then in November / early December 64035/7 were returned with 64032/4 going on loan in their place. 6Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Fleet Buzz Fleet List: 25246/7/9 were withdrawn on 28th November and 25248 on 5th December at the end of their leases for return to the leasing company. In their place 34414/5 have transferred from Worthing, and pending service reductions in January 33319 is on loan from Stagecoach South East and plain white 33382 from Norfolk Green. 34373 has gone into reserve whilst 16590 and 36028/9 have returned to Basingstoke. 47541 transferred to Aldershot on 10th November, with 47539 having also been in use between approx September and 10th November. Reserve 33325/6 (ex reading 601/3) were sold to Stephensons of Essex on 19th November. 34367/71/75 have also left the fleet.
  • Stewarts of Mortimer Fleet List: A previously unreported Enviro 200 new in 2011 is YX11 CNZ. Thanks to Tony Atkins for this. Also a further Irizar i6 new in November 2013 was YN63 ZHK.
  • Thames Travel Fleet List: Two new vehicles are on order for 2015. Thanks to Buses magazine for this.
  • Truemans Fleet List: Two further Irizar i6s arrived in June 2013 registered J600/700 TRU. Thanks to James Cusworth for this.
  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: Optare Versas YJ13 HHU-Z  have transferred from Greenham to Didcot and gained South Midland fleetnames in exchange for Enviro 200s YX63 ZVJ-P which will gain Newbury & District lettering. Thanks to David Wilder for this.
  • Oxford Bus Company Fleet List: Mercedes Citaro demonstrator BP14 FJZ arrived on loan in late November and has been given fleet number 821. It has allowed 874 to return to Carousel Buses (873 remaining on loan) Thanks to Ralph Adams for this. 862 went on loan to Thames Travel in late November gaining Thames Travel fleetnames on Oxford red livery. Thanks to Graham Low for this. 11 double deckers are on order for 2015 along with the 8 Plaxton Elite i's. 900 is on loan term loan rather than a purchase. 112 has transferred to Carousel Buses to cover a centre door removal program starting with 104. Thanks to Malcolm Crowe for this. 212/3 remain on loan to Thames Travel despite the arrival of the new Brookesbus Enviro 400s. Thanks to Martin for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Fleet List: 47434 has transferred to Stagecoach West Scotland as planned.
  • Stagecoach Midlands (in Warwickshire) Fleet List: 33460 and 33911 have been sold to Hardwick (dealer).

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