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November 2014

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  • News Page: Euro Bus Expo 2014 with photos
  • News Page: New Enviro 400s enter service with photos of 752 (thanks to Ray Ward for this), 753, 754 (thanks to Mark Lyons for this) and Thames Travel 707.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 212 has been repainted into generic livery (and retains its name Gordon Marshall), returning to service by 21st. 1209 was back in service by 6th. Thanks to James Cusworth for this. 1207 was being prepared for repaint on 9th November, and departed on 11th (possibly in exchange for 212 which was away on 9th). Thanks to Brian Coney for this. 498 was still in use on 6th November. Thanks to Martin for this. 798 left the fleet at the end of October, and was exhibited at Euro Bus Expo at the NEC between 4-6 November. 835-7 were withdrawn by the end of October, possibly following service on 22nd.
  • Reading Transport Wright Solars: New photo of former 1007 with AOT Coaches added. Thanks to Bob Morley for this.
  • Carousel Fleet List: The exOxford Tridents have been reregistered with private plates, the last three digits matching their fleet number. Details added to fleet list. Thanks to Mark Lyons for this.
  • Courtney Buses Fleet List: New are Optare Solo SRs KX64 AED and KP63 RHE operating the Maidenhead Office Park shuttle. Thanks to Peter Beesley for this. YJ08 PJY has been repainted into Lemon and Light Blue Courtney livery (for tenders). Thanks to Ian for this. YJ62 FCC has been repainted to plain white from Mustard following the withdrawal of route 9, and will be used at Milton Park temporarily. YJ08 PGU/V have left the fleet. Thanks to Glenn De Sousa for this.
  • Oxfordshire Area Operators: New photo of Carousel 102 added. Thanks to Mark Lyons for this. Information about former operators Woottens removed, and Tappins relocated to Weavaway Travel section.
  • Oxford Bus Company Fleet List: Eight further Plaxton Elite i vehicles are on order and will have three less seats. Thanks to Buses magazine for this.
  • Truemans Fleet List: (changes since last update in November 2008!) YN58 HYR has been reregistered to J500 TRU, RX58 FNK to J200 TRU, YN58 KSF to J400 TRU and YN58 KSJ to J300 TRU. New in 2013 was Irizar i6 YN13 BWU which was reregistered J20 TRU. The five Ivecos have left the fleet.
  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: E20 DGE has been repainted into black with red skirt and South Midland lettering. Thanks to David Wilder for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Fleet List: 22769/71 have gone into reserve, but remain in use covering accident repairs to 12006 and 15609. Banbury 33651 has gone into reserve, but is still in use covering for warranty work on the Optare Solos in Banbury. Withdrawn 47434 is to transfer to Stagecoach West Scotland. Reserve 47239 is being reactivated to Witney to restore routes 213-5 following service withdrawals by Go Ride Bus.
  • Stagecoach Midlands (in Warwickshire) Fleet List: 18398 has lost its MegaRear for Heritage Property. Thanks to Keith Wood for this. 16757 has transferred from Leamington to Rugby in exchange for 16873. 18322/3 has transferred in to Leamington from Stagecoach West. 34491 returned to service in Rugby from reserve in October before going back into reserve in November, likewise 47124 went to Stratford from reserve in October and back into reserve in November. Reserve 33460 and 33911 are now for disposal, and reserve 34120/1 have transferred to Corby. Nuneaton 35177 has gone into reserve.

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