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November 2004

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  • Reading Area Bus Routes: New service 107 appears to start on 12-12-04 rather than 04-01-05 as previously shown, and will interwork with the new 109. The revised X40 to/from Reading will connect with the X39 to/from Oxford at Wallingford.
  • Stagecoach in Warwickshire Fleet List: 52603/4, S133/4 KRM were missing from the listing, although they joined the fleet last month as stated.
  • Courtney Coaches Fleet List: S847/53/54/57 DGX have now arrived, but have not entered service yet. Thanks to Derek Bradfield for this.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire & Warwickshire Fleet List: 18177 has arrived on loan at Oxford from Manchester, although is not expected to enter service until at least next week. 22207 has now lost the rest of its branding.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 84 has lost its "XXXX" MegaSide
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: 46918 and 64819 have been repainted into corporate livery.Thanks to Steve Wickens for this.
  • Courtney Coaches Fleet List: Additional vehicles in the fleet are Optare Solo KX04 HRA and Scania / Irizar YN04 GLK. KX54 NLA is on DAF SB220 chassis. CC52 CCL is corrected to CL52 CCL. FSF 235S has been sold to Bennett, Wokingham for scrap, and Y831 HHE was returned to Burgundy Global off lease, both in April. KP51 SXV was sold to Countryliner in February. Withdrawn H640 UWE and J907 GTC were sold to Nextbus, Chippenham, K14 CCL to Avon Valley, Stratford-upon-Avon, K17 CCL to Robinson, Sandown, H859PTW to Talisman, Great Bromley and P991RNW to Fargo, Bracknell. P707HRY, P992RNW, R430DGU are however still in the fleet. Details added and corrected for G17 DER, K155/9 EJB, P337 ROO, R382 GNW, X8 CCL, X906 RHG, Y811/2 KDP, GU52 HXM, YE52 KPP/R, YE52 KPT/U, YG52 DHJ/K, KX53 SBZ/Y/SCV/Z/SDO. 4754 RU was only on loan for a few days, whilst three vehicles are currently on due to the late arrival of S847/53/54/57 DGX. Many thanks to Derek Bradfield for this.







  • Reading Transport Optare Spectras: 703 and 705 have new Hanover LED displays
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire & Warwickshire Fleet List: 34499 has received Primeline 48 branding. Thanks to Keith Wood for this. 40148/9 have received new Bedworth Shuttle branding for revised route 6. 40146/50/52 have been withdrawn from Nuneaton and 41505 from Rugby. 20206 from Nuneaton and 52308 from Leamington have been put into reserve, and 20560 is away from Leamington for refurbishment. 90907, 91207 and 91515 were withdrawn a few months ago, and at some point the use of 90958 changed from the Rugby Operations Manager to a Nuneaton based Revenue Protection Inspector. New is 91041 a Ford Mondeo for Nuneaton.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire & Warwickshire Former Fleet List: 40140 has passed to Stagecoach in Northampton.




  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 817 entered service by 5th November. Thanks to Brian Coney for this. 816 was in service by 8th after being exhibited at the NEC until 4th.



  • Weavaway Travel: New photos of B10 MFC and V79 JKG added
  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: V79 JKG has now arrived, and V81 JKG is assumed to have as well. The livery that Haywards branded WA53 FDJ wears is a modified version of the Fraiser Eagle livery with green in place of the white it originally wore.


  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 458 transferred to Newbury by 04-11-04. Thanks to Pete Baggett for this.
  • Reading Scania OmniDekkas: New photo of 816 being exhibited at Coach & Bus 2004
  • Weavaway Travel: Haywards of Caversham were acquired on 29th October
  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: B405 CMC, J29 UNY, IIB 278 and J233 NNC join the fleet from Haywards. Also, WA53 FDJ has received Haywards Reading & Basingstoke Corporate Coach Travel fleet names. Thanks to Derek Bradfield for this. B10 MWC has been noted at the Caversham premises, the Megadeckers required to operate the Chiltern Edge school contract will eventually be based here.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire & Warwickshire Fleet List: 34627 has received route branding for routes 56/57. 20541 has returned from refurbishment and has also received X17 branding. 20202 is now in use at Leamington, with 20201 at Rugby as planned. 20809 has transferred to Rugby from Nuneaton. Thanks to Keith Wood for this. 80009 arrived on demonstration at Oxford on 05-11-04. 16519/20 are now unlikely to transfer to Fife but remain in service at Oxford once the new Brookesbus Tridents arrive.



  • RTL Fleet List: 923 has lost its MegaRear for The Oracle (Two Young Ladies) and 929 its MegaRear for Basildon Park
  • Reading Optare Excels: 906, 908, 909, 911, 913 have had new Hanover LED displays fitted

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