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May 2015

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  • News Page: Mint Green becomes Emerald with photos of 761, 767 (thanks to Richard Mallett), 764, 767 (thanks to Mark Lyons), 773 (thanks to Graham Low) and 774
  • Reading Transport Fleet List: 759-74 entered service from 10th as planned. 839/849/861 have had their route 5/6 branding removed for use as float vehicles during a closure of Reading Bridge affecting pink routes 22/23/24/25, and will then be withdrawn for sale. 802 and 810 are to be repainted into generic silver and retained within the fleet, whilst 803/5-9 have been withdrawn for storage in the short term. 848 has been sold to Abus, Bristol, departing on 15th, 819/22/24 to Sanders of Holt, 825 to Ford of Althorne, and 838 to Wealdon PSV (dealer).
  • Reading Transport MegaRears: 208 and 213 have gained new MegaRears for Pack Send.
  • Baileys of Newbury Fleet: Two further MAN RR8 / MobiPeople Explorers new in January were PO64 EXA/B.
  • Carousel Buses Fleet List: The two new buses are Wright Streetlites due in June. 118/9 are confirmed with Blue Bus lettering now, whilst 112 has Carousel fleetnames on Oxford livery.
  • Courtney Buses Fleet List: Optare Solo SRs YX15 BMV/Y are not part of this fleet, and are owned by Cobra for the Maidenhead Office Park contract which transferred to them last year. Meanwhile however KY63 VTF has been in use in a silver livery since at least February 2014. Thanks to Tony Atkins for this.
  • First Berkshire Fleet List: Further new Wright Streetlites are 47668/9. The batch of 5 appear provisionally to replace Optare Solos 53052/54-57 on the Slough trading estate shuttle, of which 53054-57 have transferred to First Hampshire & Dorset at Weymouth. 44560 has transferred back to Bracknell from Slough, with 42346 returned to service at Slough. Thanks to David Fuller for this. 68522 also transferred to First Hampshire & Dorset in March and 42344 was withdrawn in April. 33143 has been repainted into First Urban livery. Thanks to Brian Coney for this. 20810 had been repainted into the new RailAir & you're there livery by 1st. Thanks to Martin for this. The design on each rear varies, 20810 having Taunton to Toronto, 20811 Bath to Barcelona and 23015 Cardiff to Cairo.
  • Mortons Travel Fleet List: Unreported additions are Volvo B9TL / East Lancs Nordic Myllennium X14/Y14 BUS which jointed the fleet from Sanders, Holt in April 2014. WA10 CFN has been reregistered WE53 BUS and renamed Wendy. Thanks to Matt Forbes for this. More recent additions in March/April were Leyland Olympians TSO 16X and A686 MWX from preservation. Thanks to Richard Jackett for this. YJ13 GYY was on loan from Arriva Bus & Coach until about April 2014, whilst G618 BPH doesn't appear to have joined the fleet. J26 LHT and M211 VSX also appear to have left the fleet. Dennis Javelin F135 SPX remains in the fleet rather than being withdrawn.
  • Oxford Bus Company Fleet List: 845 has been repainted into purple City 4 livery. Thanks to Ralph Adams for this. 998 is a Mercedes Sprinter van. Thanks to David Gray for this.
  • Reading & Wokingham Coaches Fleet List: There is in fact a WH04 OXO and WH08 OXO, 08 being former YR58 RSY after all whilst FJ07 VWP has been reregistered WH04 OXO.
  • Stewarts of Mortimer Fleet List: YN59 BXZ had been sold to Brown, Penkridge by April. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Thames Travel Fleet List: 415 arrived on loan from Carousel Buses during April. Thanks to Matt Goodenough for this. It is due to return this weekend for a new school contract in Wycombe. 3 Citaros are expected on loan from Oxford Bus Company from 1 June for additional Oxfordshire County Council work pending the transfer of three Pointer Darts from Go North East. Thanks to Ralph Adams for this.
  • Weavaway Travel Fleet List: New are Volvo B9R / Plaxton Leopards BKZ/NBZ/NDZ 70, a Mercedes Sprinter/EVM RX12 HWK and Volvo Olympians P724 GND, R511 UWL, R749 DRJ and S764 SVU. N179/180 LHU and YN10 ADU have been sold. S272 CCD has been reregistered C9 OXF and S772 RVU to C10 OXF and C10 TCL (P730 GND) to C1 OXF. Thanks to David Wilder for this. 653 GBU has been reregistered back to V310 EAK and sold and RF61 CYJ has been reregistered OO02 TEN. Thanks to Brian Coney for this.
  • Stagecoach Midlands (in Warwickshire) Fleet List: 17212 has transferred from Northampton to Rugby and 34491 has returned to service from reserve, whilst Rugby 18406 and 47038 have gone into reserve for repair. Nuneaton 34494 has transferred to Northampton. 55011-16 have arrived at Rugby from Megabus Belgium and are in reserve. Megabus 59301 gone into service from reserve whilst demonstrator 80025 has returned to Scania.
  • Stagecoach in Oxfordshire Fleet List: 22769 went on loan to Banbury on 14th having been at Witney (rather than 22762 being at Witney as previously reported), and returned to Oxford after being used on 20th. Thanks to Martin Townsend for this. Oxford reserve 22769/70 returned to regular service in December. 15438 has been on loan to Stagecoach Supertram, and has recently returned.
  • Stagecoach South (Fleet Buzz) Fleet List: Operations transferred to Aldershot from 26 May. Thanks to Bob Smith for this.

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