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December 2007

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MAN Preview


The first three of Thames Travel's batch of ten MAN 14.220 / MCV Evolution buses have now been delivered, with the first entering service in base blue and green pending the application of full vinyls. The batch will eventually see service on the 32, 144 and X39/X40, and the vehicles for the X39/X40 will be fitted with air conditioning units.

AE57 LYK on 31 December 2007

AE57 LYK at Reading Station today. Thanks to James Cusworth for this photo.

Station Road Closure


Station Road was closed to all traffic at about 1445 this afternoon due to concerns over items falling off one of the buildings in the vicinity of Thames Tower. Two fire engines and two police vehicles were in attendance. All services using Station Road were diverted so that Friar Street East could be served as normal.

Station Road 28 December 2007

The scene at 1520.

Latest New Liveries


The second pair of former Park & Ride Excels have now been repainted into the second promotional livery (based on dealer white) to advertise bus fares in Reading. These are 931 and 936 which advertise the off peak family 5 Busabout ticket.

936 & 931 on 15 December 2007

931 following 936 at Reading Station today. The challenge will now be to photograph the other two pairs in service together!

Not exactly a new livery, but a new identity, has been given to Spectra 738 which has now become 730 following the departure of 731-6. 739 is reported to have become 731, whilst it must be assumed that 737 will become 732 once it has been repainted.

730 on 15 December 2007

730 on the 63/65 today.

New Home for Spectras


Following the arrival of the Green Park Fast Track Scanias, seven low floor Spectras have been sold to Ensignbus for use on their rail replacement contracts. The introduction of the London low emission zone next April means that the current fleet of Metrobuses etc will not be able to enter the Greater London boundary without paying a substantial fee, meaning that modern replacements are required. Today three were in use amongst a fleet of ten vehicles operating rail replacement services between Epsom and Raynes Park. The vehicles will be repainted into Ensignbus livery in due course.

736 on 11 December 2007

Former 736, now Ensignbus 106 at Epsom Railway Station today. Thanks to Bob Stanger for this photo.

736 on 11 December 2007

The nearside view. The only modifications to the livery appear to be the removal of the Reading Borough Council lettering (but not the logo) from the sides, and the Reading Buses fleet name from above the doors. Thanks to Bob Stanger for this photo.

733 on 11 December 2007

733 with an Ensignbus liveried vehicle behind. Thanks to Bob Stanger for this photo.

Olympus Preview


Production of Reading's batch of 21 Scania / East Lancs Olympuses is now underway, with the first of the Scania chassis about to enter the body shop at East Lancs.

841 on 6 December 2007

841 ready to go into the body shop. The body number is written on one of the panels in marker pen, allowing the vehicle to be identified! Thanks to Alistair Liddle for this photo.

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