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January 2008

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MANs in Service


Thames Travel are now over two weeks into their enlarged operation in the Wokingham area, incorporating a doubled frequency on route 144 between Reading and Arborfield, Wokingham town services 122/3/4 and two schools services. MANs are set to become the norm on these services once deliveries are complete, but in the interim a variety of Darts, Solos, Scanias and MANs add a bit of variety to operations in the town.

757 on 18 January 2008

MAN 757 featured on last months news page but is now fully vinyled, and is seen in Wokingham on route 122 on 18th. Thanks to Mac Head for this photo.

Meanwhile in Reading unbranded deckers have now made very occasional appearances on the 500 to cover for the branded Olympuses, with 803 doing just that today. This is in stark contrast to before the Olympuses took over when unbranded Excels were a much more common sight.

803 on 24 January 2008

803 on the 500 today. Thanks to David Settle for this photo.

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