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November 2007

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Green Park Fast Track Launched


Wednesday 28th saw the launch of the new DayTrack buses - now renamed Green Park Fast Track. All six buses put in appearances during the way, but others such as 737 and 933 also appeared whilst one (possibly 1031) was used at an official launch ceremony.

1032 on 29 November 2007

1032 leaving Green Park amidst an autumnal background on 29th. Thanks to Mark Lyons for this photo.

1035 on 29 November 2007

1035 with the Madejski Stadium in view on 29th. Thanks to Mark Lyons for this photo.

Latest New Liveries


Several more new liveries have appeared on the streets in the last few weeks. The first is on Optare Spectra 708, which has the first double deck application of the new 'Delivering Transport Excellence" Newbury Buses livery. 708-11 were scheduled to transfer to Newbury at about this time, having been replaced by 841-61. The delay in the arrival of the new buses has meant that the cascades have also had to go on hold, however, heavy loadings on one of the former Optare Delta workings had led to the early arrival of 708, in exchange for ColourBus Metrobus 457 which has returned to Reading. More vehicles may be swapped over before the new Scanias arrive in Reading, particularly as a large amount of repainting needs to take place in preparation for the launch of the rest of the quality network in February.

708 on 7 November 2007

708 in Gun Street yesterday. It has been named Thunderbird 2.

It has been announced that all six of the former Park & Ride Excels are to be repainted into special liveries (based on dealer white) to advertise bus fares in Reading, with three different variants set to appear. 935 is the first to have been treated.

935 on 7 November 2007

935 in Minster Street yesterday. The plain white looks very striking.

935 on 7 November 2007

The rear view.

In other news, former Leyland Olympian 16 has gone on loan from Ensignbus (delaer) to RH Transport of Witney to cover for one of their two ex-GoNorthEast Optare Spectras. These are primarily used to operate route X15 between Abingdon and Witney.

16 on 7 November 2007

16 apparently on route X15 amidst dramatic clouds yesterday. Thanks to Richard Sharman for this photo.

Green Park Solar Preview


The first of the new Wright Solars for DayTrack have now arrived in the country, pending delivery to Reading.


1031 at Fleetwood Docks today. Thanks to Alistair Liddle for this photo.

It was announced today that an order for 14 ethanol powered double deckers has been placed to replace the Scania OmniDekkas on route 17 in March 2008. The Reading Evening Post reports that Reading Borough Council are to pay 50,000 towards the cost of each bus, said to be 205,000. They are also to fund the 200,000 installation of a bio-ethanol fuelling station at Great Knollys Street. It was later clarified that these sums are in fact loans from the council, which Reading Buses will have to repay in due course at a commercial rate of interest +1%.

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