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November 2002

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Solos Everywhere!


Roughly a year after Stagecoach introduced a fleet of 15 Optare Solos to Leamington and Warwick, three more Warwickshire County Council owned examples are joining their Nuneaton fleet for new tendered services in the area.

Travel West Midlands have transferred a couple of Solos to their Coventry garage very recently to allow route A1 to become low floor operated. The Solos seem to be allocated to the same rotas at the Volvo B6s.

318 on 11 November 2002 (40033 bytes)

318 at Cannon Park Shops on route 42 today. 318 has branding for the Walsgrave Hospital Park & Ride.

Not to be left out - there is also news on Reading's Solos. 101 and 102 have had special route branding applied for new 'inner circle' routes 14 and 15. This is the first time Reading Buses have used branded vehicles on one of their own commercial services, and the only other instance that I can recall from the company's 100 year history is Newbury's 216 with branding for former route X32 to Oxford.

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