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October 2002

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Reading gets Demonstrator Fever!


More demonstrators are appearing in Reading.

Scania OmniCity demonstrator YU02 GGZ has arrived for a two week trial on town, rural and possibly Goldline duties. It has been given temporary fleet number 100, and is seen below at Reading Station on route 20 on 17th October 2002.

YU02 GGZ on 17 October 2002 (39441 bytes)

Thanks to James Cusworth for this photo.

A DAF3000 with VanHool T8 Alizee bodywork has been on loan for the last three weeks to cover for warranty work on 241 and 242. Registered N74 FWU it has been given temporary fleet number 340. It is seen below leaving Great Knollys Street on 8th October 2002.

N74 FWU on 8 October 2002 (38887 bytes)

Thanks to James Cusworth for this photo.

A Volvo B7TL / Wright Eclipse Gemini demonstrator visited the depot for one day on during the week commencing the 7th.

LNG powered Scania demonstrator M76 HOV continues on hire to Goldline.

Reading Goldline Spectras Withdrawn


There have been a few surprise developments in the last few days. Not least is the first withdrawal of an Optare Spectra from the fleet, in the form of Goldline liveried 751. Similar 752 is to follow suit shortly once some contract work has been completed. This pair are unique in being the only coach versions of the type to have been built, featuring luxurious interiors with air conditioning and coach style seating.

Second Scania Demonstrator for Reading


Apparently a second Scania demonstrator is due to enter service in Reading imminently on ordinary town work. Keep your eyes peeled!

Reading Buses October Service Changes Announced


Details of the major service revision that has been expected from Reading Buses starting on 28-10-02 have been announced on their website. A summary taken from Bus Zone's own Reading Area Bus Routes page follows:

4 ROUTE REDUCED &  INCREASED FREQUENCY no longer serves Reading International Business Park, terminating at Imperial Way.
5 ROUTE WITHDRAWN replaced by 9.
6 ROUTE ALTERED &  INCREASED FREQUENCY route follows Swallowfield Drive, Basingstoke Road, READING TOWN CENTRE in both directions. Replaced by 9 on Shinfield Road. Interworks with route 9 allowing extra connections.
8 ROUTE WITHDRAWN replaced by 9.
9 NEW SERVICE Swallowfield Drive, Whitley Wood Road, Shinfield Road, Christchurch Green, Royal Berkshire Hospital, READING TOWN CENTRE, Caversham Road, CAVERSHAM, Priest Hill, Connisboro' Avenue, CAVERSHAM HEIGHTS, Shepherds Lane, Woodcote Way, Highmoor Road, CAVERSHAM, Caversham Road, READING TOWN CENTRE. (Every 20 minutes daytime, Evenings/Sundays hourly, Swallowfield Drive section only). Replaces routes 5-8 on Shinfield Road. Interworks with route 6allowing extra connections.
10 ROUTE WITHDRAWN replaced by 12s
12 ROUTE REDUCED no longer serves Caversham, replaced by 9
13 ROUTE WITHDRAWN replaced by 14/15
14 NEW SERVICE TOWN CENTRE, Oxford Rd, Grovelands Road, Tay Road, Spey Road, DEE ROAD, Elvaston Way, Meadway, Honey End Lane, Burghfield Rd, SOUTHCOTE, Bath Road, Berkeley Avenue, Relief Road, Rose Kiln Lane, Buckland Road, Cressingham Road, Shinfield Road, Redlands Road, Addington Road, Erleigh Road, TOWN CENTRE. (Every 60 minutes daytime). Replaces part of former service 1A.
15 NEW SERVICE TOWN CENTRE, Erleigh Road, Addington Road, Redlands Road, Shinfield Road, Cressingham Road, Buckland Road, Rose Kiln Lane, Relief Road, Berkeley Avenue, Bath Road, SOUTHCOTE, Burghfield Road, Honey End Lane, Meadway, Elvaston Way, DEE ROAD, Spey Road, Tay Road, Grovelands Road, Oxford Road, TOWN CENTRE. (Every 60 minutes daytime). Replaces part of former service 1A.
17 INCREASED FREQUENCY during daytime
18 EXTENDED to Kings Meadow, Tesco. Peak frequency to Kentwood Circle increased.
20 INCREASED FREQUENCY during daytime
30 ROUTE ALTERED no longer serves Tesco, replaced by 18. Extended to Birds Estate. Evening journeys withdrawn.
31 ROUTE ALTERED & FREQUENCY INCREASED no longer serving Addington Road, replaced by 14/15. Diverted via Meadway, Dee Road, Spey Road, Water Road in Tilehurst, replacing service 34. (Every 15 minutes peak, 20 minutes daytime).
33 ROUTE ALTERED diverted via Corwen Road, and extended to Birds Estate, replacing former route 1.
34 ROUTE WITHDRAWN replaced by 18 to Tescos and 31 in Tilehurst
36 ROUTE WITHDRAWN replaced by 37
37 INCREASED FREQUENCY during daytime
38 FREQUENCY REDUCED to Evenings/Sundays only
39 ROUTE WITHDRAWN replaced by 37
41 ROUTE REDUCED no longer serves Caversham, replaced by 9.
42 EXTENDED to Reading Town Centre, replacing former route 21
63/65 INCREASED FREQUENCY during daytime
85 WITHDRAWN replaced by 91
91 EXTENDED to Coley Park, replaces 81
111/112 ROUTE ALTERED to serve Whitley Wood Lane
125 ROUTE WITHDRAWN upon decision by Wokingham Unitary Authority

Details are based on the details published on the Reading Buses website.

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