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October 2004

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OmniDekkas Enter Service


Reading's fleet of new Scania OmniDekkas went into service on the 17 today.

813 interior on 25 October 2004 (27792 bytes)

Thumbs up for the 17. Part of the internal branding inside the buses, in this case 813.

The internal branding in 805-17 includes maps of the route and town centre, highlighting the locations of bus stops and the frequency of the service. There is also a map of Reading's core network of high frequency routes, each with their own new colours:

4, 5, 6 - Dark Green
9 - Light Green
12 - Brown
25 - Light Pink
31, 33 - Dark Blue
37 - Light Blue
44, 45 - Dark Pink
63, 65 - Orange

802-4 also have internal branding, based on beige and grey rather than purple and pink, to advertise the Reading core network.

Some bus stop flags on the 17 route have been updated with the new route colours, whilst others on the route have a combination of old and new colours. Flags wholly in the new colours show town routes without colours in light grey, for example the 14, 15 and 18, whilst rural routes remain in black.

805 and 806 have additional branding on their rear, unique to each vehicle to advertise the frequency and journey times on the route.

805 on 25 October 2004 (22406 bytes)   806 on 20 October 2004 (28111 bytes)

805 and 806 with their extra "my route" branding.

The description of the interior given in the article below has been amended slightly.

OmniDekka Launch


Reading's fleet of new Scania OmniDekkas were officially launched by Transport Minister Tony McNulty at the old Town Hall on Friar Street yesterday. With branding for route 17, 806 was photographed with Tony McNulty, Reading MP Martin Salter, Councillor Tony Page and then others.

806 on 20 October 2004 (76309 bytes)

In addition to the external branding the interior is also branded. Information about the route is displayed on the panels above the windows, and real time information screens display information about the next stop. The interior itself has a completely new look, the seats being predominantly purple, and the handrails silver.

As well as the new buses, the on street facilities are also being improved. A number of stops now feature real time information screens that will advise passengers how long the wait for the next bus will be, bus stop flags and timetable cases are being renewed, and most stops will also gain raised curbs to allow a step free entrance onto the bus.

Stop MM on 20 October 2004 (36316 bytes)

The new flag at Minister Street stop MM seen today. Note that the circle on the top of the pole has been utilised for the 17 rather than the stop code, and that when it comes to route 14 on the flag, it has also changed colour - to grey. The larger flag that is attached to the shelter has also been updated with the new look details and 17 branding. The real time display is just about visible at the other end of the shelter.

Further traffic priority measures are in the pipeline for the route. These measures, which are already in use in some parts of the town, will give a bus a green light as it approaches a set of lights.

806 on 20 October 2004 (65074 bytes)

806 in the drizzle outside the old town hall yesterday.

The fleet of buses are due to go into service on Monday.

See Bus Zone's Scania OmniDekka page for more details.

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