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September 2004

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OmniDekkas Arrive


The first of Reading's 17 new Scania OmniDekkas arrived in Reading on the 11th, and has started to make appearances on type training and route testing duties across the town. This evening at around 1830 it made what may have been its first journey carrying members of the public, on a private hire carrying a group of people from the Oracle to a production somewhere.

801 on 24 September 2004 (72581 bytes)

801 is registered YN54 AEP, and is seen outside the Oracle this evening. It wears the new generic Reading Buses livery that is to be applied to buses without specific route branding.

See the new Scania OmniDekka page for more details.

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Dart Demonstrator at Newbury


Alexander Dennis Mini Pointer Dart SN04 EGD arrived at Newbury yesterday on short term loan for use on Vodafone duties whilst Enviro 973 is sent away to be fitted with an electronic "gizmo" to monitor it's gearbox activity.

Brian Coney caught the vehicle making its first departure on service ANT at around 0900 yesterday, and took this shot:

SN04 EGD on 15 September 2004 (49488 bytes)

Thanks to Brian Coney for this photo.

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