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August 2006

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New Livery for Newbury Buses!

27-08-06 & updated 29-08-06

In a surprise move a new livery for Newbury Buses has been unveiled. Essentially it is a revised version of the existing livery, with Newbury green replacing Reading burgundy, and a new logo to match that in Reading.

518 on 26 August 2006 (62239 bytes)

The first repaint, 518 hit the streets for the first time yesterday afternoon (26th), operating route 32 in place of another vehicle. Thanks to Paul Hilton for this photo.

518 on 29 August 2006 (37929 bytes)

The front view of 518 at Newbury Bus Station on 29th. Thanks to Paul Hilton for this photo.

The new company logo has already appeared on the new football bus leaflet for this season.

Influx for First Berkshire from Manchester


The first of fourteen Scania L94UB / Wright Axcess Flolines have entered service with First Berkshire at Bracknell. Upgrading the Berkshire fleet, the vehicles are all being displaced from Bolton where new deliveries have made them surplus to requirements.

60166 in August 2006 (45599 bytes)

60166 showing its combination of electronic route number and manual destination blinds. 60219 has full electronic displays. Thanks to Mat Wooll for this photo.

60166 is the first into service, operating route 155 today, and possibly something else yesterday. Six have been delivered so far, with three currently being prepared to assist with rail replacement work from Heathrow on the Piccadilly Line next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Something a Little Different


There were a few visiting vehicles in Reading today for one reason another, making for some interesting photos. MCW Metrobus Mk II with familiar registration E471 SON from Tappins was on rail replacement along with Neoplan Skyliner R418 AKJ.

E471 SON on 19 August 2006 (61372 bytes)

In the rain, E471 SON with its Tappins Rapid Transit branding.

Sadly my photo of the Skyliner didn't come out very well thanks to the rain. However another Skyliner turned up later on, this being Woodley Travel's SJI 2765.

SJI 2765 on 19 August 2006 (52720 bytes)

SJI 2765 at the Station today. This didn't show any evidence of being on rail replacement, so may have been in town for another reason.

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