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September 2006

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Open Top Conversion of 703


Work on the open top conversion of former 703 by Stratford Blue / City Sightseeing is now nearing completion, and being the only open top Spectra it is hoped that the vehicle will be able to attend Showbus next week.

703 on 15 September 2006 (38141 bytes)703 on 15 September 2006 (34074 bytes)

Richard Sharman sent these two photos of 703 yesterday. It is seen here having drain holes fitted, whilst the upper deck glass had just been done. Thanks to Richard Sharman for these photos.

Driver Training Ready for Latest Scanias


The new Reading Scania OmniCity single deckers are expected in the UK any time now to enter service later in the month, whilst the Newbury examples are reportedly on schedule for entry into service on 2nd October.

In preparation for this an unregistered Scania OmniLink demonstrator arrived in Reading on 21st August for use on driver familiarisation duties for both Thames Valley Park and Vodafone drivers. The first confirmed sighting of this vehicle in use came today whilst it was on training duties in Newbury.

Omni Link Demonstrator on 13 Sept 2006 (31807 bytes)

The OmniLink demonstrator in Newbury Bus Station today. As the vehicle is unregistered it operates on trade plates. Thanks to Paul Hilton for this photo.

The OmniLink is an integral Scania vehicle, and whilst the OmniCity is also wholly built by Scania it is based on the CN94UB chassis like Reading's Wright bodied 1001-30. The OmniCity features a full low floor without steps or ramps to the rear seats, unlike the OmniLink.

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