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July 2014

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Pink 25 and 'the nineteens'


Today saw the latest set of service changes in Reading commence.

The recently rebranded Lime 2 has been split in the Town Centre to improve reliability and allow a number of service changes to take place in Caversham. Route 22 is converted to single deck during the day and interworked with new route 25 covering the Peppard Common section of the 2 without the recently introduced diversion into Grove Road and Evesham Road. This has been made possible by the restoration of a 20 minute frequency on route 24 which also serves this area. Route 24 is interworked with route 23 which is reduced to 20 minutes.

417 on 7 July 2014

Newly repainted 417 on Friar Street today. Thanks to Graham Low for this photo.

Meanwhile in Lower Earley the long standing route 20 and it's more recently introduced 20A cousin have been withdrawn and replaced by an expanded route 19, and an increased frequency on route 21 to every 10 minutes. The 19 now runs as a circular through Woodley and Lower Earley (19A and 19C) to replace the 20A via Silverdale Road, and a new 19B replaces the 20 via Beech Lane. The route provides links from areas with low student density to the Hospital instead of running through the University campus.

166 on 7 July 2014

New Streetlite 166 departing Reading Station today. Thanks to Graham Low for this photo.

A number of changes to the bus stop arrangements were made at Reading Station as well. The two stops closest to the station were combined for all routes serving the Hospital with the new 19s replacing Thames Travel's services to Oxford. Thames Travel move back a stop onto Station Road, with the 5/6 now sharing a stop behind that. Meanwhile Woodley services 13 and 14 have been swapped with the 1 and 2 to bring all of the orange routes closer together by the station, and put the 1 and 2 onto Blagrave Street to remove the need for the triple run down to the Forbury that the 1 previously undertook (and would have also been required for the newly split 2).

Meanwhile Courtney have been running routes 121-4, 126-9 and new route 189 for a week now, and school routes 202 and 244 for three weeks. They have an Enviro 200 and Plaxton Centro on temporary loan pending delivery of their new Optare Versas, and are running them on the 126-9 with one of the new Optare Solo SRs, whilst deckers RX06 WRU / RX58 HVJ join the new Solo SRs in a smart new coffee and cream livery for the 189, 202 and 244.

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