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August 2014

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Roadworks & Dinosaurs


The annual Reading Borough Council summer resurfacing programme has been taking its usual toll in Reading with various routes affected by diversions over the last month or so. In addition the last few months have seen ongoing bus stop and road closures in Reading Town Centre for gas main replacement works that started on 22nd April. The westbound bus lane on Friar Street has been closed since then with buses diverted via the Market Place and Minster Street until October.

417 on 2 August 2014

417 on Friar Street during a downpour on 2nd.

837 on 2 August 2014

Soon to be replaced 837 heading East along Friar Street and turning into Station Road on 2nd.

857 on 2 August 2014

In the same location, 857 retains remnants of the 2009 Pop Art advertising campaign on the lower deck.

Meanwhile a slightly different advertising campaign for Marwell Zoo has been applied to a small number of buses with vinyl being used to allow a dinosaur to break out of the advertising frame. So far Reading 418 and Thames Travel 858 have been observed, but there may of course be others!

418 on 2 August 2014

A nearside application on 418 on 2nd.

858 on 2 August 2014

858 has an offside application, seen at the new stop for the X39/X40 on Station Road on 2nd.

Meanwhile Weavaway recently took over West Berkshire Tuesday & Thursday shoppers route 75 from Beech Hill to Newbury via Mortimer, Burghfield, Sulhampstead, Beenham and Cold Ash. The service was previously operated by DJ Coaches.

YX59 BZM on 12 August 2014

YX59 BZM at Beech Hill on 12th August as the driver waits for the departure time. Thanks to Bob Stanger for this photo.

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