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June 2004

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Visiting Routemasters


In the space of two days Reading has seen no less than two Routemasters - and two different types of Routemaster at that - pay a visit to the town.

Today saw ex Reading Mainline No.15 - RM 999 - WVS 423 operating a free shuttle service to Reading Rail-Bus, a railway / bus collectors fair being held at Rivermead. The bus was operated by Reading Heritage Travel every 20 minutes for most of the day, and is likely to return for the event next year.

N15 on 5 June 2004 (66007 bytes)

No.15 at Reading Station today, Optare Spectra 721 sitting behind.

The evening of Friday 4th saw RMA 65 parked at the Station as a campaign bus for the local Green Party MEP. That morning it had been parked at Oxford Station, and on the evening of 3rd it was in Wokingham!

RMA65 on 4 June 2004 (55748 bytes)

RMA 65 - NMY 665E - at Reading Station on 3rd June.

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