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May 2004

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Reading Trial a Citaro


The next in a series of single deck demonstrators to visit Reading is Mercedes-Benz Citaro BU53 AYA. It arrived on the 26th, and is expected to depart on the 4th June. They are unable to temporarily fit the bus with a cash vault, so it will only see service on the Loddon Bridge Park and Ride service and the Thames Valley Park Shuttle. The ticket machine is fitted in an unusual location, on a plate attached to the cab door rather than the front dash. This means that the machine rotates with the cab door when it is opened and closed. The tickets issued on the bus were showing fleet number 9.

BU53 AYA on 29 May 2004 (64516 bytes)

BU53 AYA on the Loddon Bridge FastTrack today. The left hand notice in the window states that it is on hire to Goldline, the second that it is on the Loddon Bridge FastTrack Park and Ride. There was also an on hire to Goldline notice in the nearside window.

Major Changes to Thames Travel Network Announced


A large number of changes to services serving Didcot, Henley, Wallingford and Woodcote have been announced this week. The changes start on 4th July and affect a large proportion of services operated by Thames Travel. Full details can be found on the Oxfordshire service changes website and a summary appears on Bus Zone's Reading Area Routes page pending a full update to the route details nearer the time.

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