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April 2012

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Crown Street Closure


Crown Street was closed yesterday morning for repairs to a burst water main near the junction with London Street and London Road, funnelling all of the traffic from London Street and the A4 up Silver Street to Whitley Street and back down Southampton Street. The work is expected to last until the end of the school Easter holidays on 13th.

Bronze 11 is the only bus route directly affected, although buses on routes 5 and 6 have been affected by the extra traffic turning in Whitley Street and routes 9, 19, 20, 21, 22 by traffic queuing to filter into the single lane. Access to the London Street has just about been maintained, but services must first filter into the lane for the diverted traffic before turning out again. Time keeping from each end of the 11 hasn't been too bad though, the timetable has featured some considerable recovery time since the route was split off from Emmer Green last year.

1006 on 7 April 2012

1006 turning at Whitley Pump during a light spring shower this afternoon.

1023 on 7 April 2012

1023 about to turn into the London Street Bus Lane. Normally traffic in the nearside lane would make this view difficult to obtain.

807 on 7 April 2012

1006 chasing 807 out of London Street into Silver Street and past the works.

1027 on 7 April 2012

1027 ascending Silver Street.

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