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March 2015

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New Look for Vodafone Fleet


Late January saw the entire Vodafone fleet appear in new all-over liveries for Vodafone 4G, this being the first full livery applied to the 4 Enviro 200s, and replacing the Freebees livery on 2-7 & 804, and the partial Freebees livery on 8 which had the contravision removed whilst in service in Reading.

 132 & 131 on 1 April 2015

132 on the V12 to Newbury Business Park and 131 on the V1 to Vodafone HQ on 1st April. The front panels on the E200s have received red vinyl.

804 on 1 April 2015

During the peaks 804 and Scanias run the V1, 804 seen just after 1500 on 1st April.

7 on 1 April 2015

7 on 1st April. The contravision on each vehicle type is designed to keep the first nearside window clear.

Later in February 801 arrived on loan from Reading as part of a trial to see whether additional double deckers would help the service better meet the demand from arriving trains. It appears to replace a OmniCity single decker on service V1, with two OmniDekkas and two OmniCity single deckers operating in the peaks. Two E200s maintain the service during the daytime.

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