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April 2015

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New Streetlites Enter Service with First Berkshire


A batch of 3 new Wright Streetlites has started to enter service in Slough. These are standard shorter length versions, as opposed to the three Streetlite Max's that are currently in the fleet. Consequently they have gained fleet numbers in the 40000 midibus range rather than the 60000 full size single deck range.

47666 on 25 April 2015

47666 on 25th April. Thanks to David Fuller for this photo.

New Look for RailAir Fleet


First's longest serving RailAir coach 23015 appeared in mid March sporting a new two tone blue RailAir livery, aiming to highlight the easy connection between coach and plane with the strap line "railair & you're there". The livery is to be rolled out across the rest of the 10 strong fleet in the coming months, and plain white 20550 has arrived on loan from First Hampshire & Dorset to cover the repaint process.

  23015 on 18 March 2015 23015 on 18 March 2015

A taster of the new look taken on the evening of 18th March. Thanks to James Cusworth for these photos.

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