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January 2007

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A Range of Destinations


Thames Travel have an extra vehicle in the fleet temporarily, an Alexander Dennis Dart / MCV Evolution very similar to the one that was destroyed back in August. Apparently two very similar brand new examples are due to be delivered shortly.

PL06 TGE on 13 January 2007 (53740 bytes)

PL06 TGE at Reading Station yesterday with smart printed destination boards displayed in the front window. The vehicle has been a regular on the X40 all week.

Meanwhile Reading Buses have started to make use of their LED destination displays to advertise the green credentials of their fleet. OmniDekkas 801/4 (with Mobitec displays) have been programmed with additional messages on the front that follow on from the usual correct fare messages:

804f130107_2.JPG (9027 bytes)
804f130107_3.JPG (7333 bytes)

A different message has been used on the rear displays:

804r130107_1.JPG (5960 bytes)
804r130107_2.JPG (6104 bytes)

The scrolling Hanover displays on selected vehicles/services have also been updated with the 'This vehicle runs on environmentally friendly bio fuel.' message on the front. One assumes that more will be done as information for the service changes from Monday is loaded onto each vehicle.

Whilst it has been noted before, it's not necessarily been photographed. Whilst reversing the Mobitec destination displays on OmniDekkas 801-17 and Solars 1001-20 switch to show appropriate warning messages.

804 on 13 January 2007 (66137 bytes)

The front of 804 is illustrated above, and a similar message is shown on the rear. The small display on the rear of the Solars flashes 'Caution'.

East Lancs Esteem Demonstrator


John Wheeler has provided the following photo of demonstrator YN06 TGE in service on the Loddon Bridge FastTrack on 27th December. It is expected to leave the fleet on 4th.

YN06 TGE on 27 December 2006 (63866 bytes)

Thanks to John Wheeler for this photo.

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