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December 2006

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New Silver Livery Completed


The final vinyls have now been applied to the vehicles that have been repainted into the new generic silver livery. 723 was done on the night of 14th, and possibly 961/2 - 962 was certainly completed by 19th. As expected grey and silver have been swapped throughout, whilst the logo is also slightly different with the word 'buses' filling more of the oval as per 1026-30.

723 on 23 December 2006 (66487 bytes)

723 in Friar Street today. Thanks to Mark Lyons for this photo.

961 on 23 December 2006 (59796 bytes)

961 at Reading Station today. The beige obviously doesn't cope very well with all of the dirt that can be thrown up from the roads at this time of year, particularly on rural routes like the 143. Thanks to Mark Lyons for this photo.

Seasons Greetings


1024 on 2 December 2006 (76671 bytes)

Reading have put on an excellent display of Christmas lights around the Town Centre this year consisting of blue and white LEDs. Blue Solar 1024 fits in well whilst waiting for the lights on Butter Market on 2nd December.

729 on 11 December 2006 (27596 bytes)

As usual selection of buses in the fleet have received Reading Buses Seasons Greetings rear adverts, in a similar manner to last year. Vehicles this year include 106, 112, 723 and 729 (pictured above)..

The artwork was designed by ten children from the Royal Berkshire Hospital's Dingley Family Play and Therapy Group, primarily for use on the company's Christmas cards but also on the backs of buses. For the eleventh year running Reading Transport have donated the money saved by producing their own Christmas cards to the group.

MetroRider Update


Reading Transport's last Optare MetroRiders appear to be enjoying a reprieve from disposal, and are making appearances in service at Reading and Newbury.

631 on 5 December 2006 (52427 bytes)

631 working route 112 at Reading Station on 6th. Thanks to James Cusworth for this photo.

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